The Walking Dead

Season 2 Episode 13

Beside the Dying Fire

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 18, 2012 on AMC

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  • A dissappointing show

    This episode should have been the best considering it had the only good thing Season2 ever offered--Zombie Slaughter..But once again they screw it up..

    What would a normal person do when faced with hundreds of zombies & all you have is limited ammo & a couple of getaway vehicles? Run off....This piece of common sense occurs to the group only after they almost run out of ammo...

    Carl & Lori being the 2 most irritating characters have their own respective scenes of utter insanity..

    The climax had 2 twists...Both arent much of spoilers,so here it goes..Rick says the whole group is infected and they would turn into zombies when they are killed..Incase you havnt got the twist here, You dont need to be bitten by a zombie to be a zombie (as seen in the case of Shane)...(or im mistaken here,Rick just says one line on it)

    If Season 2 was people stuck at a barn ,Season 3 will be that of the survivors stuck at a prison..Sigh..

    Out of all the chaotic scenes,Andrea's fate was nicely depicted..Too bad it was too short...

    Overall S2 was a BIG BIG disappointment considering it followed the brilliant S1...S2 wasted time showing over the top melodrama + irritating characters (Carl & Lori) + tons of stupid decisions...

    I hope S3 is cancelled if it plans to follow in the footsteps of S2..
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