The Walking Dead

Season 2 Episode 13

Beside the Dying Fire

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 18, 2012 on AMC

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    I'm a little suprised with some of the comments on this forum. I'd recommend that people who are watching the show read the comics because they provide a bit more context to the show than what you see on the screen.

    If you read the comics you realise that The Walking Dead is not really about zombies, rather it's about people and what they will do to survive in a hopeless situation. What would you do if there were no police around to keep you in line / protect you and there was danger both from without and within? I think that you'd do what you had to do to survive and that is what the comics and to some extent the show are trying to make us contemplate. Like I said above, the story is not really about the zombies. In some ways I am actually hoping that we see a whole episode without a zombie in it because the richness of the characters and the drama is enough to keep me interested. However I might be alone in that though looking at some of the other comments on this forum.

    Latterly in this season the Randall situation is one that nearly came to a head and I am sure that in future episodes difficult choices will be made that will actually lead to executions and further horrors being perpetrated by the principal characters. At least I hope so, in my opinion the best television makes you think and The Walking Dead comic book is adept and putting you in the characters shoes and making you think through impossible decisions. What would you do in x situation? NO. What would you REALLY do?

    Another complaint people here seem to have is that the pace of season 2 was slower than season 1, especially in the first half. Yes the pace was slower, however there were only 6 episodes in season 1 and they had a lot of story to pack in. Also it is character development that makes you care what actually happens to people and this can't be rushed too much IMO. Dale was a fantastic character and Jeffery de Munn a great actor, and that's why (Spoiler) I was very sad to see him go. However his death wouldn't have had the same impact if it was someone you didn't care about like say (Spoiler) Hershel's wife and son from this episode.

    That's why, like others I am disappointed that T-Dog is given so little to do in each episode this season. He's probably the only major-ish character who hasn't had an arc in season 2 and in some episodes he's barely had a line. They need to do something with him in season 3, otherwise what is he doing there? I am wondering whether they are going to amalgamate his character with someone from the comic books who carries a hammer? We shall see.

    It was also great to see a debut for Michonne (the mysterious samurai lady) in this episode as she is a key character from the comics and came in around a similar time in that medium. What is to come at the prison - if they stick to the comics - will top season 1 and 2 IMHO, season 3 could be the best yet, as long as they realise that it's character and not gore that keeps people interested long term - unless you are 15!

    And it's also that people who are out of control, insane, or struggling to adapt to a changed world are far more scary than zombies.