The Walking Dead

Season 2 Episode 13

Beside the Dying Fire

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 18, 2012 on AMC

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  • Lets stay tuned...

    I tend to agree with Dicko101... it is "about the people" and not really about the Zombies tho like DeepSecret, perhaps a bit more consistency would be great vis-a-vis "the foe" i.e. Zombies and what they can and can't do (maybe this could be a subplt? - do rebooted-humans i.e. Zombies "learn" as they experience?).

    ...I'm figuring that Zombies that have just eaten can run faster than malnourished Zombies ;-)

    (Please, pedants rest your weary heads!)

    But seriously, the show is to be enjoyed for what it aspires to be - clever action/drama set in a post apocalypse situation. Let's keep that up and hope that the prison as an enclave doesn't turn into a "General Hospital" drama with Zombies at the door - or "The Survivors" (the British post viral holocaust series) where a lot happens but nothing really gets resolved... or "Prison Break" where the premise overwhelms the plot...

    The "light" of the opportunity to be able to set things up, send out scouts, (find some new and interesting plot lines?), and find some sort of progressive options should provide a lot of script material for S3. Ideally these options should come from the original material (the comic source) but that's not to say that ideally the program needs to challenge and entertain us.

    Lets give it a few more episodes...

    Just re-read a past review (from about 4 programs ago) where I predicted that everyone was a carrier and that the virus could "kick in" once you died (and weren't already a Zombie)... boo hoo 5 people gave me a thumbs down!!! Wasn't writing a spoiler guys as i have never read the comic source material - ironic thing is that I am a scientist with a background in micobiology and it just seemed like a good idea!