The Walking Dead

Season 2 Episode 12

Better Angels

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 11, 2012 on AMC

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  • what

    What should have happened in season one starts to happen, but ofcourse they have to use 2 episodes for such a major scene. Dragging along like a turtle.
  • Makes no sense

    Shane is such a badass, yet he let a man with a knife close to knifing distance, when he had a gun? Not even close to realistic. And how on earth did he become a Z when he wasn't bitten?
  • Poignant

    The first half of this episode was beautiful - a great tribute to Dale's memory. And then we finally, FINALLY got rid of Shane. And with the beauty of this series, we got to see him die twice, and there was no tenderness in those deaths. I really thought that Darryl or Glenn would be the one to save Rick, but in hindsight, it really was one of those deaths that needed to happen between the engaged parties. Splendid ending, as well, though I want to know why it was Carl's shot that drew them, when Shane also fired a gun.
  • My Dreams Have Been Realized! (Contains Spoilers)

    I finally did a marathon on Season 2 and I do have to agree with most of the reviews on here, Season 1 was amazing but unfortunately for me I'm comparing the writing in this show to some of my most favorite shows ever like 24 and BSG the likes of which vastly trumps The Walking Dead and majority of Season 2 falls way short. Better Angels being the better episode of the season but I do agree wholeheartedly the narrative moved way too slow this season with so much filler especially in the first half with the searching for Sophia, OMG that dragged and dragged, once that story line wrapped then we moved on to Randall.

    The writers spent too much time on exposition and characterization, um hello writers take a cue from 24 there was plenty of action and characterization simultaneously with very few boring moments. I'm just glad Shane is FINALLY dead, holy crap he was getting on my last NERVE!! I do like this new twist of Shane and Randall becoming Walkers without even being bitten, like one reviewer mentioned perhaps the virus is in everyone already but only becomes active once the host is dead.

    I'm kind of leery about watching Season 3 but I want to get current on the show. The only reason I rated this episode a 9 was because of the Shane and Rick confrontation and how badass of way Rick killed his ass!!
  • Zombies!

    What the hell happened with Shane and Randall? They became zombies after they died WITHOUT being bitten or scratched! This is such a cool twist!

    I wonder how they're gonna deal with the new herd of zombies.
  • 2x12 - Better Angels

    Oh, I liked how this episode started. I honestly think that one of the best way to survive a zombie apocalypse is to start eradicating walkers whenever they're in a group which survivors can take down. So take the best fighters, who know how to survive against walkers and start clearing up the area so you don't get something like what happened to Dale.

    I liked how this episode ended too. About time the Shane & Rick thing came to a head, although I honestly didn't think that Rick would kill Shane. I thought he'd kick the man out of the group.
  • Good!

    Long i have been bored of this show. Nothing happening and they just hand around at the farm. But at the end of this episode. I had to sit up to watch the final Confrontation between Rick and Shane. And Shane finally dying. I just hope this wont mess Rick up too bad :P
  • Zombie Dead

    Focusing on people coming back... and the virus... it may be that those that are currently alive carry the virus BUT are resistant and as such it is only when they die that the virus can "take effect" i.e. when you die then your immune sysyetm is compromised (for obvious reasons) and as such the virus may/may not "kick in" - obvioulsy it would depend on how you died and so on... as for all the rest... well... it was fairly obvious since "save the last bullet for me" episode that Shane was going down the troppo line so none of his current actions were a big surprise but rather "in psycho character".

    Overall, the episode moved the plot forward and provided additional interest points... with some good characterisation.
  • Shane is dead? Thank you, that's what I've been waiting for all season

    Due to an unexpected death from the previous episode, the group decides to get organized and secure the farm. A final confrontation between Rick and Shane is put into motion. For the most part, this was a good episode of "The Walking Dead". The writers (no offense) aren't doing a good job with this show though. Yes, while this episode is better than most of the episodes this season. It was still very boring and I am really not caring about the characters at all plus the storylines just have very weak writing. "Breaking Bad" knows how to make well written storylines can be exciting when it needs to be. This season for the show, however, feels like the season would be good if it was boring throughout the season with NOT a lot of zombies. I'm sorry but this season being weak and unwatchable, I don't want to even know if I should stick around for Season 3 or just say good-bye to this show. I LOVE Season 1 but this season just doesn't live up to the excitement that Season 1 had. My favorite part of the episode is definitely when Rick killed Shane. Like seriously? Shane was also gonna almost kill Rick himself but Rick has good reflexes and aimed at Shane with the knife in the chest perfectly and that scene was very intense to watch. Shane really has got me angry this past season so I'm glad he is gone. I'm just upset that Dale isn't in this show anymore. So yeah, I really don't have much to say about this one but it was a good episode. Overall, this show continues to be weak at writing and boring on timing wit the characters and storylines but this wasn't too bad of an episode, it was just decent. 7.5/10
  • My Pros and Cons - "Better Angels"

    What I liked/Pros:

    I loved it when Herschel told his little couch story and then said very seriously, "The couch is mine." Awesome!!!

    There was really great music throughout the entire episode.

    Glenn and Andrea had a nice little bonding moment when they were working on the RV and talking about Dale.

    There was a good moment between Rick and Carl in the barn. Carl actually wasn't as annoying in this episode as he usually is.

    We saw a little bit more of T-Dog than we usually do.

    Some good gore in this episode. Shane busted open the head of a zombie and it wasn't CGI'd. Cool!!!

    The moon in the background when Shane and Rick were in the field was a great touch. It reminded me of the Night of the Living Dead 1990 remake.

    What I Didn't Like/Cons:

    Why is it that Lori questioned them going out again to release Randall in "Judge, Jury, Executioner", but now she says nothing? Why does Lori not worry about Rick leaving as she did before?

    It doesn't make sense that Shane would want to kill Rick in the middle of a field right in front of the farm house. When I first watched this scene I thought they were in a field away from the house. Wouldn't someone from the house have seen what was going on out in the field? There was an earlier scene where T-Dog had some binoculars and was looking out the window. Someone must have been looking out.

    Once again, Carl wanders around with no supervision at all!!! The people on the farm must really be annoyed with him, as I am, and want him to get killed.

    How the hell did Carl get the gun back from the woods? When he ran away from that zombie he left the gun behind!!! YET ANOTHER CONTINUITY ERROR!!!

    How is it possible that Carl could shoot zombie Shane in the head so perfectly on the first try.? Since when did Carl take shooting lessons? He couldn't shoot the zombie in the woods when he was a few feet away from it, but he could shoot zombie Shane in the head who was further away?

    Shane died!!! Noooooooo!!!!

    The CGI'd ending scene looked terrible. You could barely tell what was happening in that. I barely saw the herd of zombies walking up through the field. They looked like slow moving ants on screen.

    I really wish they would stop using CGI for the blood splattering. The blood squirts out and then just disappears in mid air. It looks so fake. I can understand doing it a few times, but it's getting to be almost every time they kill a zombie.

    Lori is so STUPID!!! She stirred up Shane's emotions for her and got him killed. I bet she loves having two guys fight for her stupid ass. First she goes to Rick and pushes him to do something about Shane, and when that didn't work she has to go to Shane and stir him up again. I really hate Lori right now!!! I hope she gets killed by a zombie, SLOWLY!!!

    We still need more T-Dog if he's going to stick around awhile. He's the only one from the group who we really know nothing about. I don't know why they are not developing his character more, unless they're planning to kill him off?


    "Better Angels" was a better episode. It was intense and well constructed. I just wish these little flaws and continuity errors would stop appearing!!!

  • The Passion of the Shane

    Death seems to be in the air for the Walking Dead and I gotta say I kinda like it. This episode really upped the game and gave us the ending that so many of us knew was coming for (Spoiler Alert) Shane even though it didn't play out exactly as in the comics. But I liked the diverted alternative that the series used to explore his character more than just killing him off because they were "supposed" to at the end of Season One with little provocation. Rick definitely stepped up in a big way deceiving Shane the way he did and stabbing him. Shane threatening his family yet again by his own entitlement was something that apparently can't be gotten past and Rick has conceivably given Shane every chance to change his ways so it could only end in blood. Carl's shot into the transformed Shane and the horde being alerted at the end was a nice twist but I'm wondering where the horde did in fact come from seeing as this being the edge of the farm is still kinda in the middle of nowhere. Rick not wanting to prove Dale right by bringing the group together was kind of countermanded by Shane's mutiny. His execution of Randal off camera was abrupt and I wondered it needed to be done so off screen even though it was really apparent that Shane offed him when he came up to the tree to break his nose. His story, while convincing at first, when under scrutiny had more whole than a hot air balloon full of holes. I'm focusing way too much on the final encounter but it was the powerhouse highlight of the episode since it's all been coming to this for some time. I enjoyed Jon Bernthal's portrayal of Shane especially since we got to see him much more humanized than in the comics and his bromance with Rick was believable and one of the last real world human connections the two characters had to before the Outbreak other than Shane and Carl. Carl also confessing to Shane about the Walker that killed Dale and then Rick talking to him after Shane telling his he needs to for Carl was a good father-son moment. Andrew Lincoln is a hit-or-miss actor in his choices many time over throughout this series and he gets often bland but his no-nonsense anti-pep talk about Carl no longer having a childhood spoke a lot of the core themes of the series and what it was about. T-Dog has been conveniently absent for quite some time and will either show up soon or be killed off by the horde next week but either way they just kind of wrote him out or something. Laurie's confession to Shane and her expressing her gratitude for her and Carl was much needed to be heard but it was a tragic trigger that set him to his death (how very poetic). The Walking Dead can be very hit or miss with characters and what to do with them at time but aspects such as the mystery of Daryl and Glen figuring out Shane's ploy along with Shane going off the handle at last gave us the long awaited climax we were hoping for. And now we can be pretty sure that anyone that dies doesn't have to be bitten to become infected or be reborn, hopefully they can explain that a little further.
  • Why Randall would become zombie if he was not biten & got no wound at all?

    Thank you Mike_Schmidt, I thought you had answered my question.

    Watching Shane's leaving really made me sad.
  • The shame of Shane, oh Shane ...


    "Thriller" is not exactly a word I'd use to describe The Walking Dead. It is more of a drama than anything else, but what it does, it does well. I mean, how cool is it to have a show that comes into our homes on a weekly basis, which from the opening scene glues us to our seats? I, for one, think it is awesome.

    The Walking Dead mixes the psychological with the gore and the personal trauma with bloody guts. Everyone suffers, and no one really sees any hope -- the best they can do from one day to the next is, survive ... or try to, and we get to come along and enjoy this apocalyptic angst ride.

    The one complaint I have (okay, actually, I have a few) is the little Carl boy. I don't know how to say it any more nicely, so here goes: get the boy some acting classes. Not only have the writers made his character very annoying, but the actor himself needs a little help in the portrayal of his role, or less screen time. Sorry if that sounds insensitive. A couple of other characters that really get on my nerves are Lori and Andrea, but I'll keep the smaller details of why, for now, and see if they have any redeeming scenes in the near future. In this episode in particular, however,


    I don't know what the purpose was in Lori approaching Shane and having the 'thank-you' talk with him. If the purpose was to humanize Shane, it failed. I am guessing that it was a way to segway into Shane doing what he did because she stirred feelings in him again, but had it been a real situation, one might call attention to the fact that she shouldn't have had any contact with him whatsoever, and so in my mind, it just didn't "fit".

    The scene with the Winnebago and Andrea and Glenn, remembering Dale was poignant and a good way of not just forgetting / dropping him from the series and moving on.

    Darryl. What can I say about Darryl that hasn't been said? This is the guy I'd want to be stuck with in a zombie-infested apocalypse. He's adorable in his grouchy, macho, leave-me-alone and hug-me way. He delivers his lines so well, that one never, ever thinks he is anything but this cantankerous, irritable hillbilly with a heart of gold we have yet to fully see.

    Now, as for Shane. Wow.

    We all knew he was losing it, and those of us that read the comics knew more-or-less where it was going, but the guy really went out in nutso guise. At one point I really thought that he would a). decide to go with Randall, or b). see if Randall was a bad guy, but alas, no. In his version of madness, he broke Randall's neck, killing him, as he had wanted to all along, before moving on to what he hoped was bigger and better prey.

    The ending scene left a little to be desired in that I think that the writers are giving in to a popular desire being voiced by some viewers for "more zombies". Not that I have anything against zombies (I'm a zombie fan, really), but I hope that they continue to walk the fine line between psychological drama and zombie show and don't turn it into a constant all-you-can-eat bloody gore fest. A little more blood and guts = good; too much will grow old, quick.
  • Finally a show holds on to the source materal

    now for those who read the graphic novel it was clear they where leading to shanes death. This season has been about that weather he left or not. Dale was not killed till later so it's clear that they are mixing it up. This was the best ep. The people who say oh what about the zombies. The book the show it's not night of the living dead. It is about the emotion about men women and childeren dealing in this new world. Thats the draw people can connect with the charcters. Even now shawns death is the big news. This is what the book, the show and the people want. finally a show fellows the source and has the balls to kill any cast member keeping us guessing who's next?
  • Running Up that Hill

    Dale's eulogy frames Rick's & Shane's different approaches to death & life as the group vows to "unbreak" themselves in a composite scene that is as poetic as its violent. To contrast them fighting a bunch of walkers to Rick's speech, Daryl looking at Carol to Shane & Andrea beating the corpses, only serves to emphasize how different these surrogate brothers really are.

    Almost as different as Dale's surrogate children, Glenn & Andrea, who get caught up debating which one disappointed him the most as they repair his RV, oblivious to the way they've become a family. And perhaps, trying to repair a family of her own, is what moves Lori to finally acknowledge that's what she had with Shane, to thank him for it and unwillingly set a chain of events that leads to Randall's demise, Rick & Shane's final confrontation & a devastating reaveal of its own.

    For it's when a grief-stricken Rick, ashamed of himself, tries to explain to his now-armed-son why did he have to kill his other father, that we are all startled by the fact Randall and Shane have become walkers...without being bitten.
  • Better Angels

    The final scenes was oddly entertaining, but for the most part this was another disappointing episode. The end was less surprising too given news broke weeks ago that Jon Bernthal was joining LA Noir, so we knew he had to die soon.

    Not the worst of the season, but I don't want to see the show resort to just killing off characters every week for shock value. That won't keep me as a viewer.
  • A better episode

    For a change this episode was much better than the previous drivel,thanks to the reduced amount of the melodrama...Somehow the intensity of the situation suddenly came back with full force this time..

    but what was completely missing was the story...The whole 40 min contained just 15min of story.the complete middle portion was the whole melodrama (toned down this time).Carl(the kid) has now become the worst character ever written..This episode did have some big twists...Overall,even though Season 2 was shockingly horrible compared to the intense Season 1 ,the finale of Season 2 has all the chances to make even the haters of this season watch out for Season 3..wait and watch for the Walking Dead Season finale..


    Shane kills the prisoner and then attempts to kill Rick..Both scenes were carried out quite well..But why bother doing that? Why lead Shane into becoming a psycho throughout this season?His departure from the show is bad,the actor's departure not of the character
  • If you haven't seen the episode what are you even doing in the message board? SPOILERS.

    At the beginning of the episode, I loved that they begrudgingly killed those walkers, all the kicking and everything. It all reeked of avenging Dale.

    I too, think that the virus has evolved and become airborne, and that's why the couple of walker policemen Rick and Shane found didn't have bites, nor Randall, nor Shane. Infection from the open wounds theory is solid, AndersEdin.

    But I think the real thing that ticked Shane off was Lori's apology. And when Rick prioritized dealing with Randall over Carl, Shane completely lost it. And by the way, Randall didn't accidentally break his own neck, Shane did it on purpose. He had no intention of freeing him in the first place. He just wants to eliminate Rick, and he thought he could shoot three birds with one shot: learning the position of the other threat (Randall's group) by making Randall believe that he's about to be free, killing Randall after taking the necessary information, and using all this to trick the group so that he could trap Rick.

    By the way, when Carl pointed his gun towards Rick, at first I thought that he was actually pointing it towards Rick, and I was furious at him. But then I realized that he saw Shane get up and was pointing the gun to him. Although I wanted to beat the crap out of him after last weeks episode, now I feel kind of sorry for him. The kid is probably beyond repair at this point; he saw walker Sophia, caused the death of Dale unintentionally and now he had to shoot zombie Shane, who he considered as a secondary father figure.

    Ugh, I almost don't want to see the season finale because that's the last Walking Dead we'll see till october.
  • Possible reason for infection (despite no cuts or bites)

    My guess on why people are coming back as walkers is because maybe the "virus" has evolved and become airbourne. The prisoner injured his wrist pretty nasty on the handcuffs ergo some bad wounds for the possibly airbourne virus to enter the body. Same goes for Shane. Broken nose, and a stabwound to the heart noless, probably made his "walking" return even sooner rather than later.

    Overall a superb episode. The Walking Dead sure as hell isn't disappointing. By far the best series in world ever. Beats the hell out of all zombieflicks combined.

    Sad part is the final episode of the season is upon us. Hopefully we don't have to wait that long for season 3. Very anxious to see what lies ahead in the season finale.

    Bring it on!
  • shane is a good guy, actually.

    shane stands for something. he's the one who protect the group. because of his opinions against rick, make him a bad guy????

    damn, rick is the one who is "the walking dead". his brain & soul already damaged.

  • It's about time!

    It's about time someone killed shane, I was expecting the kid to pop up and do it like he did in the comics but it was still epic. I'm a little confused now, I understand that shane might have gotten infected when he was cutting himself on the bus so maybe thats why he turned into a walker but how did their hostage or whatever become a walker if he had no scratches or bites on him? maybe these questions will be answered later. The episode overall had good moments and some intense stuff. The scene with shane and rick was pretty intense so yeah that's all there is to say I think.
  • Another Shocker

    After Dale's funeral a few words were said. Rick promised that he would do things Dale would want him to do. He decided to get he group organized and owner of farm decided to open up his house to them as well. Things were going on great until Rick chose another right hand man which made Shane mad, he decided to do things his own way and take the prisoner with him into the woods. The prisoner broke his neck, while he was leading him to his group. Shane hit his head on the tree to break his nose to make look like he got jumped by him. Daryl didn't buy it, rick was suspicious, the prisoner came back to life as a zombie which they took down but the weird thing is that he didn't have any bites on him. Shane was going to kill Rick but Rick tricked him and did a stab to the heart. Shane woke up as a zombie and Rick son had to shoot him. This is pretty crazy I won't go as far as everyone been infected we still don't know what's going on but it pretty clear they got contaminated other than getting bitten. Not the rest could be infected. All in all great episode and it kept me at the edge of my seat, great writing to keep me entertain in this twisted story.
  • Best Episode Ever!

    We all knew it was boiling towards this exact episode, but what I wanted to see more than anything was the acting during that scene. For those who have not seen it, Spolier Alert, Major Spolier Alert.

    Jon Bernthal is the man, no doubt about that. His departure from the show exits probably the best actor on the cast. It was good that Bernthal was in most of the scenes, encapturing the final moments of Shanes descent into pure madness. Watching him talk to Lori, take Randall in the woods, lie to the group and ulitmately make a play that cost him his life was writing genious. Bernthal speaks through his emotions in this episode, allowing Shane to have flashes of insanity, looking more and more like a walker as the episode progresses. The blood on his face, the light off the moon, the craziness in his eyes, Bernthals swan song is the finest performance yet on The Walking Dead.

    Now we move on though to even more pressing matters, with the death Shane comes the moment the show has been building towards, which is leaving the farm. The impending feeling of doom we were left with at the end of "Better Angels" is going to shake the core of the group and everything will be different.

    Glen Mazzara has definitely amped things up and given us a world where everything that happens brings consequences for the group. It all started with Sophia and concluded with Shane, and now we have one final thing left to see. How many of the survivors are going to make out of Season two?

    Watch the trailer released on AMC and wait in anticipation, because it begins with the words "Due to the graphic nature of the season finale, this will be the only trailer aired before the episode premieres". You have me hooked Walking Dead, because you completely changed energy focus during the second half of season two, and made the world a do or die kind of world. And that my friends is the way it should have been done from the start. Good work on the second half, I am stoked for the season finale and for season three.

  • This eps is amazing and totally dumb all at the same time

    I think if we start calling this show a computer game, a lot of people will stop asking questions.

    What the heck was that.

    Superb ending, aww man they killed shane and now we have a zombie parade. Was shane the king zombie or something.

    Plus, seriously, they're far away from the barn one minute, they're next to the barn the next, cmon, where isthe consistency.

    Lets see what happens next eps.
  • Everybody is infected already!

    If people have been paying attention then you would know that when you die you turn into a Z because everyone is infected. Remember when Jenner whispered to Rick in the CDC? What do you think he was telling him and why Jenner was so willing to "opt out"? The ones who get scratched or bitten (non lethal) are the ones who get the fever and slowly die and then turn into a Z. The ones who are bitten and die because it is a vicious bite and it kills you.... well, they come back as a Z as well, simply because they died! Remember the trickis to take them down for good by killing the brain. Had they not shot the old dude and just let him die from his wound... he would have turned Z too!! It may be possible that some are immune in the sense that they don't turn into a Z but whatever infected them killed them (like the people in the cars on the highway), while the rest of us are infected now and turn Z after we die. Some may turn Z and not get back up and stay dead looking like a Z, like those 2 security guards. Just pay attention and think!!! PS Rick sucks! Sick of the closeup while tuning his head sideways and sticking his chin up!!! I'm sure he'll find his balls next week too!!!
  • Better Angels

    Better Angels was a perfect and vividly entertaining episode of The Walking Dead! I really enjoyed watching as the group worked to secure the farm after saying good bye to Dale. There was a lot of character development along with moments we've all been waiting for. The action was suspenseful and some of the scenes were pretty intense with emotion and feeling. I loved the last scenes in the field with with moon. Over all a spectacular production in every aspect! I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!