The Walking Dead

Season 2 Episode 2


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 23, 2011 on AMC

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  • so they get

    So they get to the farm, were they would spend all 13 episodes of season 2, doing what.... ? Nothing of course, this is the crawling These are the worst of the episodes of this show.
  • Divided

    So incredibly tedious. Seems we've gotten no where since the premiere. They've really seemed to have forgotten about... about the girl, whose name eludes me now. The show's terrible at giving the viewer a story and seeing it through. I understand that in the situation they're in, issues are going to overlap, and that's fine. But they're not balancing enough to keep both stories going and it makes it feel like the forgotten one (and the time spent watching it) was a complete waste. Why should I invest in the series if it doesn't invest in itself?

    But he no die which is sad.
  • 2x02 - Bloodletting

    Ack, Carl getting shot was a shock so seeing that he's not dead yet was a relief. And as always, I'm darned happy to meet more survivors but other than that this episode was kinda on the dull side.
  • When a show leaves me wanting more ...


    The episode was slow, and yet all of it was enjoyable in the sense that I couldn't turn away.

    The character development is very good. We get a sense of who these people are, and more so, have to ask ourselves: 'Would I do the same? How would I handle that? What would I do?'.

    All this makes for good TV in my opinion.

    There were several tense moments as well as moments that were all 'talk', and yet each left you with a little more of what the series is about.

    Keep it coming! I can't wait for more!

  • Time is Ticking

    Carl is alive but barely, Rick been giving blood transfusion for his son. Lori made it there and was shocked to learn what happen. Shane and the doctors son went out to get medical supplies for Carl so they can take the remaining bullets out. The writing is stepping up a bit while it's showing the whole team breaking down from all the trouble and misfortune that has put on them is finally reaching it's toll. Still can't believe they haven't found the girl yet, hope she's not dead. As much this much time passing by she should be screaming in the woods right now as fear takes over. So to hear complete silence when they search the woods is not a pretty good sign.
  • Bloodletting


    Bloodletting was a great episode of The Walking Dead and I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of suspense wondering what would happen to Carl. It was also interesting to see what some of the other characters were going through and how they were dealing. This episode was slower paced and had minimal Zombie action, but had important character and plot development. I wonder why Zombiesconvenientlygather near supplies and stuff when there is no one there to eat or mysteriously herd down the highway. In any case I liked the episode and look forward to watching more!!!!!

  • Not so great I found the opening slow and would have been better in the first season when Rick met up with Lori, at the camp or since they did use it for this episode it could have came to Lori when she found out Carl was shot would have been better then


    Shane having the memory would have been more intense for the viewer,and would have heightened the suspense.

    The overall story was not at the pace you would call good for a horror or thriller,didn't really pick up the pace till last ten minutes of the show but by then I almost lost interest, the cliffhanger was the best part of the show but in my opinion, the end should never be the best,unless it is the final show of the season.

    I felt the first 31 mins were filler and the meat was at the end that's no kind of TV dinner not even for a zombie maybe the next portion will satisfy my appetite.

    So in closing I give this episode a 7 for effort.

  • Carl's life hangs in the balance while Shane goes looking for medical supplies.


    It's only natural (sometimes) for the episode following a fantastic pilot to be a step down in quality. But man, this was a slow episode, and not slow in the sense that they were doing a slow-burning plot like Breaking Bad or Mad Men. It was slow in the sense that they were meandering to drag out thirteen episodes of a season. Obviously, there wasn't enough story so this episode ended up becoming that one filler episode in a season that drags things along.

    There were some nice touches throughout the episode, don't get me wrong. The entire scene where Shane and Otis head to the school to get the school supplies was intense, as usual, but it was all clearly build-up for next week's episode. As for the Carl stuff, we get to meet a couple of new characters that could potentially be interesting, such as Herschel Greene, the vet who works on Carl and Maggie, one of his daughters, who tends to ride on horses and whack zombies in the head with a baseball bat. These are characters who could potentially be great if the writers know how to write for them.

    As for the rest of the cast, they get very little to do. They're all still looking for Sophia and that plot goes absolutely nowhere. We're still where we were at in the premiere. Meanwhile, Dale and T-Dog are still hanging out with the RV, doing nothing and talking about random stuff. It just felt like the show clearly had no idea how to include them in the mix.

    Let's hope the next episode can pick up the pace a little bit. The show has so much potential and I feel like the writing has been screweing it up a little bit.

  • Better than the Season 2 Premiere "What Lies Ahead"


    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "The Walking Dead". It wasn't the best episode I've ever seen but I thought it still deserved a perfect score. It was a little boring in a few parts but at least the a little boring scenes were kinda interesting. It was better than the Season 2 Premiere "What Lies Ahead" in my opinion. The storyline was very good. The most awesome part is definitely the last 10 minutes of the episode when there was zombie action. The scene with that old man trying to recover Rick's son after he got shot at the very end of "What Lies Ahead". The scene with that old man trying to take something out of Rick's son was a little scary especially because he was screaming. The middle part when there was a brief zombie action scene was very intense and awesome. Man, even with a 1 minute action scene... it's freakin' epic. I know that Rick's son is going to be okay. The storyline just throughout this entire episode was super awesome. I can't use any bigger words than awesome. I can't wait to see the next episode since this episode ended with the guys being stranded since the zombies trapped them. Overall, an awesome episode of "The Walking Dead" that I think all of the fans will enjoy... I don't know why some people said this episode was slow, it was a little slow but not super slow. 10/10

  • Of quiet desperation ...


    As Shane remembers the hardest moment in Carl's short life, his father runs with the bleeding child to a farm where a veterinarian is the only hope for them now. There, we are introduced to what's left of the vet's family, out of his his two daughters it's Rose/Bella - in a better role than the CW ever gave her - who leaves to inform Lori of what happened to her only son, meanwhile Shane tends to Rick as tenderly as only a brother would.

    T- Dog and Dale are left to silent introspection as to what would be their own fates - as the only black and old guy of the group - until Dale figures out the infection is killing T- Dog faster than the bleeding would kill Carl. By the time Daryl returns with the women, it's clear to them they are scattered enough to be vulnerable whether or not Sophia finds them, so a decision is made that could either save Carl or get them all killed, right where they stand, before the first light of dawn.

  • 202


    I had mixed feelings about the season premiere, but tonight's episode let me down a bit. No really dramatic moments and nothing too unexpected, in fact you could definitely tell what was going to happen most of the time. I also did not like the flashback at the beginning. You're not Lost, you'll never be Lost, so don't try to be Lost.

    I know The Walking Dead can be be better than this so they need to start showing it. Some high points, but it just was not spectacular tonight.

  • Maggie's Farm


    First off I just want to point out how much better it is to have the Walking Dead around for 13 episodes instead of 6, without the time constraint on it so much this season is such a marginal improvement giving the characters more space to develop and that they've thinned the herd practically in half since last season with characters that were flatter than pancake batter who stumbled out of the picture. This episode began on the edge of the cliffhanger, the hunter that shot Carl leads a frantic Rick to a farm owned by Herschel (from the comics) and he is doctor of sorts and helps Carl gets the bullet out of him and needs Rick around to give blood to him since they're the same blood type. Otis, the guy who shot Carl, goes off with Shane to a high school for medical supplies so that Herschel can pull the remaining bullet fragments out of Carl before his internal bleeding gets any worse. Rick sends Maggie (who lives on a farm Bob Dylan lovers hehe) to get Laurie while that group heads back to the highway. Laurie is retrieved and her and Rick try to deal with Carl's worsening condition in a gut wrenching and more emotional way than we've ever seen on this show before. Meanwhile, T-Dog (stupid name) gets a fever from the infection of the cut in his arm and Dale tries to find him some antibiotics. Still no sign of Sofia. Shane and Otis reach the medical site and sue flares to distract the walkers but end up getting surrounded and trapped on their way out which may ultimately delay Carl's life saving. When Maggie gave Daryl and the rest directions to give to the split group on how to get to farm and Dale and Daryl decide to stay on the highway should Sofia decide to turn up while Glen, Andrea, T-Dog and the other lady go to Herschel's farm. It was really cool how Daryl whipped out Meryl's stash and it may seem convenient but having seen Meryl with his cocaine on the rooftop in Season One it's not that surprising that he'd be a pill fiend as well. This episode was emotionally wrenching as well as the tensest that the Walking Dead has offered so far. Rick is finally in a position where he can't be the hero and seeing him incapable of dealing with that and his blood loss was a whole new side to him. For those that read the comics how was Herschel's speech about mankind being able to evolve eventually without being zombified I almost want to yell the spoiler but I just can't bring myself the do it. Great episode and it was a really nice touch to have a cliffhanger again as Shane gets trapped when he so desperately needs to get back to the farm. Now with the group divided more divides can be made and lines will be drawn. Keep in coming, Season 2, I'm only wanting more.

  • Kind of a slow episode for me.


    I know that the show can't go at a break neck speed all the time and I mean that by the suspense. But this episode was just slow and I know part of that is due to it being back to it's normal run time than at last episodes extra long run.

    I just don't know. I'm not feeling worried about Carl and in fact I am kind of upset with the lack of the Sophia plot. T-dog got a bit of development in this and that was good and Dwayne once again shown how good he can be by giving T-dog some of his brother's medicine.

    Andrea got scared...Glenn felt useless...Carol felt helpless. I felt Meh about it all.

    My guess...Otis is going to be some zombie's big mac and Shane is going to make it. I know...what a stretch eh?

    I did wonder where all the children zombies were at the school. All I saw was adults. You would think that children zombies would feel a desire to hang out at the school.