The Walking Dead

Season 2 Episode 4

Cherokee Rose

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 06, 2011 on AMC

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  • wow how slow

    The well scene is so ridicilous i am still laughing, and this show is so slow its not even funny anymore. How can they find so many bad actors and put all in the same show.
  • Positive

    Saw the well scene coming a mile away. Something that waterlogged isn't structurally sound at all. And I'm torn regarding Lori. While it's wonderful seeing that she's not getting away with her unfaithfulness scott-free, it could easily go the other way into overly shaming her for what was an honest mistake based on the information she had. The focus on lies is a great one, and it'll be great to see the end to Shane's lie play out. And Sophia continues to be a convenient, if forgotten, plot device.
  • 2x04 - Cherokee Rose

    Seeing how the survivors deal with the walker in the well was a laugh even as I cringed for Glenn. Other than that part I was pretty bored by the rest of the episode. And I could careless about Lori's possible pregnancy.
  • White Lies

    Well basically the show is all about lies or hiding the lie. Lorie ask for a pregnancy test, Shane lying at the funeral for Otis last moments. The good show to watch but don't really see no real direction anymore it's like their waiting for something (Writers). The show continues to look for the girl so between episode to episode there is no real time jump made a couple of hours. This is going so slow that they have to put time jumps in this series, but I think the writers don't know what to do or direction to take so playing it safe.
  • Lying through your teeth.


    White lies can take several forms: the blunt one Shane uses to explain himself to Otis's wife during his memorial service - and to Andrea later on - that, ironically, provides less meaning Otis's death so rightfuly deserves and, nevertheless, honors his murder more than it does his murderer's reasons for it.

    White lies can also be small and savvy, like the one Rick uses to encourage his son to get better, a lie Carl easily picks on, for a friend as close as Sophia would've been there by his side should she have already been found.

    White lies can be dumb and clumsy revealed themselves as truth for one Glenn and Maggie and, sometimes, white lies may not be lies at all, like the Cherokee Rose Daryl truly believes bloomed for Carol's suffering.

    Alas white lies, perhaps because they are lies, don't work at all...

  • Dumb Behavior II : Zombitris, irresistible Glenn, predictable Lori subplot, thoughtful connections, optimistic spirit, intriguing rules, smart dialogs (Spoilers)


    And the walker of the week is… Gorezilla ! Their plan to get it out of the well was silly and with Save the Last One, where Daryl and Andrea went for a walk at night, I worry that we will have to endure more stupid situations. I mean the cord is the oldest one trick pony, it always break. So the precious minutes lost to follow Glenn's predictable descent in hell could have been used for something more important. It leads us to his hilarious and sexy escape with Maggie. The awkward way he got laid was well staged and it was obvious Steven Yeun and Lauren Cohan were having fun. Surviving with their characters would make a post apocalyptic world less painful to live in. Moreover their arc was connected to Lori's search for a pregnancy test so even if I saw it coming the writing knows where it's going. In addition her sensual moment with Rick in front of the mirror was similar to the one Glenn and Maggie shared. It proves that there's still hope despite the pessimistic dialogs between Lori and her husband last episode. The slow pace also proved that The Walking Dead excels in all departments, from frightening situations like the horde to heartwarming reunions. They're all together now and only Sophia is missing. But it seems Daryl is on her trail even if it wasn't explicitely stated, a subtlety I'm quite fond of. The hopeful story he told the mother was also quite moving and the rose as beautiful as the landscape Rick and the old man contemplated at the creek. As for their man to man discussion in front of the house it opened a whole new set of possibilities. Shouldn't Rick ask the others what they want to do ? What are the rules to stay ? Covering topics like religion and education issues was also quite enlightening. Last but not least a bold Shane reminded me of Of Mice and Men because the character has reached a certain complexity and makes me uncomfortable. Of course he had to lie but if he hadn't shoot the fat guy well he would just be a pile of bloody meat on the road.

    Now I only have one question left… How many condoms did Glenn use ? Considering the super bright smile he had on his face I bet on seven, one for each heaven they reached. Naughty survivors !

    Note : This review was first posted on Kritikenstein, my weblog.

  • Naked Hot Chic saved this episode. Otherwise, this episode just proved what everybody already knew but didn't want to admit. Still, NAKED HOT CHIC.



    Phew, man, talk about heating things up. Lauren Cohan is amazing.

    But cmon, now, lets admit it - Was this show spectacular. Off course not. It was BORING and LAME.

    I said didn't I - This show is all about the drama. Suspense is the key currency here and without it, the show proves that its not much to go by.

    I get filler episodes but cmon - A pregnancy, a sex scene and a zombie in a well growing fins?I mean seriously, in the previous eps, the zombies consumed the legs of a hanging zombie-brother, dead meat mind you, but in this episode they contradict themselves and say zombies only go for live meat.

    Btw, does anyone remember we were looking for small girl here? Hello?

    Did someone miss the script rewrite or are we in for some mind bending tv logic?

    Anyway, zombies are slowly getting boring for me, and unless somethng spectacular happens - like the small girl beings friends with a mutant, this show is gonna end up like Heroes.

    That would be a total waste.

  • I cant believe how boring is this show getting. There is almost nothing going on in each episode. We just stare at the tv while we watch nothing happening. And I have to say that it looks like each episode is getting more boring than the previous one.zzz


    I cant believe how boring is this show getting. There is almost nothing going on in each episode. We just stare at the tv while we watch nothing happening. And I have to say that it looks like each episode is getting more boring than the previous one.

    No drama, no action, no zombies, no show.

    the show is missing big drama and action. twists are needed, come on.

  • 11/11/11- Veterans' Day


    Happy Veterans' Day!!! Let's give a moment of silence to all of the men and women that are serving our country. (Moment of Silence)................................................................................................. .............................................................................................................. ............................................. that was a good moment of silence and now for my review of "The Walking Dead". I really thought Season 2 was going to be awesome and truly epic every single episode. Well, it looks like that's not happening. The season started off a little great but now it's getting slower and slower each episode. This episode is definitely "The Walking Dead"'s slowing pace ever. Seriously? why are they focusing more on the drama and less on the zombies. We don't care about the characters, I want to see zombies. This is a horror suspense thriller show... not a drama show. Open your eyes writers and actually make an epic episode filled with zombies. You did so good with Season 1. Why are you slipping on Season 2? Make zombie action. Sorry if I sound mean by saying "We don't care about the characters". It's just that I want to zombie action in this show and not the drama. If I wanted to see a drama show... I would watch "Breaking Bad" (which won't be aired until Season 5 comes next summer). The only entertaining scene in this episode was when the gang is trying to get that zombie out of the well and one of them was almost going to fall down and get attacked by the zombies... that's like only the scary and suspenseful scene in this episode. Of course, the zombie's guts showing when his body ripped apart was gross but bloody and pretty awesome. So yeah, only two scenes were entertaining, not one. Please, make the next episode epic because I'm gonna start to lose hope for this show if they keep this up. Overall, a mediocre episode of "The Walking Dead" and most definitely the worst... On the bright side, Have a Happy Veterans' Day. 5.5./10

  • Best episode since the premiere.


    Sure, there wasn't a slew of zombie attacks that the group had to face off against and there wasn't huge twists like last week's discovery that Shane killed Otis, but still... this episode was compelling, exciting and interesting in a way that some of the episodes preceding it haven't been. Even last week's episode, which had a killer ending, was somewhat of a letdown the rest of the time.

    In this episode, once again, most of the group splits up into different groups. Daryl goes off by himself to try and find Sophia while Shane, Andrea and Sophia's mom go in a different direction to find her. That leaves the rest of the group to try and get a zombie out of a well that has drinking water. It seems like a remarkably minor task, but sometimes, the banal has a way of bringing out some great character moments.

    It's these character moments that made me enjoy the episode that much more. Some of my friends who watch the show were complaining, saying this episode felt like more filler and that the show needs more brains, death and violence. I vehemently disagree to that claim; the show works best when there's a blend of it all. In this episode, Daryl comes across as a charming person, something he rarely is. His speech about the Trail of Tears and the Cherokee Rose was beautiful and one of my favorite moments this season. Ditto goes for Herschel telling Rick that he'll have to leave soon and Rick defending their right to stay at his camp. Herschel proceeds to open up to Rick, telling him about his father and giving us the great line, "Some fathers don't deserve the respect of their sons."

    There's just a lot of great moments between characters here. One bizarre one was the hook-up between Glenn and Maggie (my bad on getting Maggie's name wrong for the last two weeks, I thought her name was Rachel for some odd reason). I understand that they hook-up in the actual graphic novel series but I didn't expect it to be this quick and under these circumstances. Either way, I'm glad we're getting more Glenn scenes. He's the underdog in this show and in many of the scenes.

    As I said before, the whole sequence where Rick and everyone else attempts to get the zombie from out of the well was a little bit of comic relief and a chance to see what must've been the bloodiest zombie death to date. It showed that even when the world is ending and zombies roam the earth, there are still little household chores that need to be done.

    I'm not sure what to think about the Lori pregnancy. On one hand, it's fascinating to think about a woman giving birth in the middle of a world over-run with zombies and in a place with no possible medical attention. On the other hand, it's a go-to twist in TV shows and I hope the writers do something original with it instead of hiding it for a season and a half like some shows would.

    I definitely found this to be the best episode since the premiere. Very compelling and filled with great character moments.

  • 11/6


    The Walking Dead had an intriguing episode here today. I liked the guy stuck in the well, but come on, when the pizza boy went in did anyone not expect something bad to happen? The show needs to shock us if they are intent on delivering this kind of program, not just being predictable night after night. I don't care about the pregnancy, I don't care about where they live, I just want a good drama and right now this is just above average to me, it's not "good" yet.

  • Too much drama, not enough zombies.


    I loved season one, but season two seems to be written with a female audience in mind. The main character in this show is the zombie horde, but the show seems to focus mostly on the emotions of Lori and the plight of the children.

    This episode was no different as yet again we see how Carl is recovering from his wound and we receive another clue about Sophia. I really wonder: who actually cares about these characters?

    The ending of this episode was a complete mystery to me. Am I supposed to be shocked that she is pregnant? The world as we know it has ended and the writers expect me to care about the drama-queens problems? The only thing that can save this show, is removing Lori from it. Every time she enters the screen you know exactly what she is going to do: make a drama out of everything. Seeing her enter the screen makes me cringe every single time, and I cannot imagine that most male viewers do not share the same view.

    Kudos to Daryll as he is one of the few people I actually care about. He actually acts like someone would in a zombie infested world.

  • Cherokee Rose


    Cherokee Rose was a great episode of The Walking Dead and I enjoyed watching it, though it seemed a little drawn out and predictable. The acting was amazing and the over all production was great. There was some drama, clues about Sophia, and a gross ending to a big undead walker. I really liked the story that Daryl told Carol. I liked the character development. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!

  • A little break of sorts


    Kind of a slow episode but nice. I will make it clear that I am not liking this long drawn out Sophia story. I am very happy that Daryl seems to have found a few signs of Sophia about though a little confused that he didn't seem to tell anyone. I know he wouldn't tell Carol yet but besides bringing the flower, he didn't say anything to anyone.

    The crew had some work to do getting that "swimmer" out of the well. Heschel might not want to take strangers in, but if it wasn't for Dale looking down the well their could be a very very strong chance they all would have died from infection from tainted water.

    The "Swimmer" confused me a little. It seemed kind of clear that Walkers didn't really have access to the farm thanks to the fences. So where did this one come from and was it someone they family might have known in the past.

    Love that Glenn got some action, and I don't mean just from the farmer's daughter. He once again shown the audience why is valuable. Yes he got scared but my gosh, who wouldn't have? But he still had enough sense in his head to get that rope around the zombie.

    Of course the whole ripping in half and down the hole was a buzz kill for the crew.

    The rest of the episode was kind of "meh". It wasn't bad nor good. Rick appealed to Heschel to stick around a bit longer. Lori sent Glenn to get something discreet. No offense, did she not think he might figure what it was he was picking up? Glenn's not dumb. T-Dog is overcompensating trying to be relevant. Maybe next week he'll get his chance to show off what he can or cannot do.

    Daryl has became a backwoods philosopher of sorts. The man knows zen, tracker, hunter and a storyteller of sorts. The Cherokee Rose was a nice story and fit well with the overall Sophia story.

    Hoping for the end of the Sophia arc next week and some direction on where the crew will be heading next. They seem to be better when they are on the move than sitting still.

  • Things are looking up for the survivors as life at the Hershel farm seems stable and promising.


    I try not to have too many preconceptions about a show before i watch it, especially if i think the last few episodes have been cruddy.

    While i'm not talking specifically about the Walking Dead when i say that, this week i had to sort of make myself sit through the episode, and i'm glad i did.

    While the Sophia arc has lasted longer than i would have hoped, it now seems kind of less about Sophia and more about Darryl. This arc is really opening up and redeeming his character. His Cherokee Rose story was endearing. I have a lot of time for Darryl now.

    I'm not a fan of the Hershel / Rick dialogues at all, and the Lori pregnancy sideline left me scratching my head... i mean is Rick unable to father another child? I understand it could be Shane's baby but is Lori really crying over her infidelity or the fact that she's bringing another baby into this messed up world?

    I like the direction Shane's character is taking. His shaved head symbolizes his rebirth. One thing that has not changed is his love for Lori and perhaps the new baby will push Shane into a confrontation with Rick.

    The scene between Maggie and Glenn was handled really well - although i'm surprised she didn't go after Shane.

    Overall a very satisfying episode, filled with human moments and paced a little better than previous installments. The 'swimmer' scenes were a lot of fun.

    4.0 bites!

  • The Trail of Tears


    The end of last week's episode was hard to beat, as "Cherokee Rose" proved and lost much of the "I need to watch more now!" thing that I felt last week. Shane was forced to give a eulogy for Otis and justify his death to himself which I felt was a little forced to be honest like the writers want to broadcast there being fault on Shane's part of Otis's death to the other survivors. Laurie asking Glen, who is going into town to grab some supplies with Maggie, to get him a discreet item from the pharmacy is left to almost no mystery for those of us that read the comics but was still well handled. Glen and Maggie's encounter was by far one of the most honest moments of the episode as she confessed her loneliness and in times like this people needs connections in order to stay sane. Herschel informs Rick that as soon as they find Sophia he and the others will have to move on and find another place. Rick begs him to let them stay and pleads with him as a father to let them remain there for at least a little while, Herschel says that he'll honestly consider it, and that as long as the group remains true to his rules on his farm, he will consider their staying. Carl recovers and Rick and him bond over being shot and he gives him his Sheriff's hat as a token of survival. Shane teaches Laurie more about guns and considers her hotheaded. T-Dog tells Dale to not take what he said last week seriously since he had the fever. They discover a walker in the well and for no reason whatsoever decide to dig it out of there which leads to the bloated thing being ripped in half and grossing them (and us viewers) out of our respective dinners. Why didn't they just kill it? Maggie said that they had four other wells on the property, and if the water's already infected why bother trying to get it out? It seemed like an awful lot of filler. Daryl finds clues of Sophia's hiding places in her third consecutive week of being gone. They are beginning to lose hope, but his speech about the Cherokee Rose and him being hopeful about finding Sophia was legitimate and wasn't of the in your face condolence as Andrea's talking to her was. Not a bad episode, but I feel like for this show to move forward from here (for those of you who read the comics) we need something to happen with Herschel or we need to find Sophia and stop giving characters tasks-of-the-week to go and go "runs" into town and having the story be told only by going into town and out of town. In season one Rick goes into Atlanta, he goes out of Atlanta, he goes into Atlanta, then back out, then to the CDC, the out of Atlanta. It seems like this show is solely based on location as its plot and relies heavily on that. In the comics that was a major part of it but the character driven stories were always dominant over "let's go there" ones.