The Walking Dead

Season 2 Episode 4

Cherokee Rose

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 06, 2011 on AMC

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  • A little break of sorts


    Kind of a slow episode but nice. I will make it clear that I am not liking this long drawn out Sophia story. I am very happy that Daryl seems to have found a few signs of Sophia about though a little confused that he didn't seem to tell anyone. I know he wouldn't tell Carol yet but besides bringing the flower, he didn't say anything to anyone.

    The crew had some work to do getting that "swimmer" out of the well. Heschel might not want to take strangers in, but if it wasn't for Dale looking down the well their could be a very very strong chance they all would have died from infection from tainted water.

    The "Swimmer" confused me a little. It seemed kind of clear that Walkers didn't really have access to the farm thanks to the fences. So where did this one come from and was it someone they family might have known in the past.

    Love that Glenn got some action, and I don't mean just from the farmer's daughter. He once again shown the audience why is valuable. Yes he got scared but my gosh, who wouldn't have? But he still had enough sense in his head to get that rope around the zombie.

    Of course the whole ripping in half and down the hole was a buzz kill for the crew.

    The rest of the episode was kind of "meh". It wasn't bad nor good. Rick appealed to Heschel to stick around a bit longer. Lori sent Glenn to get something discreet. No offense, did she not think he might figure what it was he was picking up? Glenn's not dumb. T-Dog is overcompensating trying to be relevant. Maybe next week he'll get his chance to show off what he can or cannot do.

    Daryl has became a backwoods philosopher of sorts. The man knows zen, tracker, hunter and a storyteller of sorts. The Cherokee Rose was a nice story and fit well with the overall Sophia story.

    Hoping for the end of the Sophia arc next week and some direction on where the crew will be heading next. They seem to be better when they are on the move than sitting still.