The Walking Dead

Season 2 Episode 4

Cherokee Rose

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 06, 2011 on AMC



  • Trivia

    • The Cherokee Rose primary time to bloom is in the early spring with bright green leaves. However, the flower is capable of blossoming in the fall under good conditions. Given the condition of the plant Daryl finds, the timeframe of the show is set in the fall.

  • Quotes

    • Maggie: I'll have sex with you.
      Glenn: Really? Why?
      Maggie: You're asking questions?
      Glenn: I can't, I can't help wondering.
      Maggie: It's not like our options are vast these days. (kisses him) And you're not the only one that's lonely.

    • Dale: (hanging a ham in front of the Well Walker) He's not going for it.
      T-Dog: Maybe 'cause they can't handle no kickin' and screamin' when they try to eat it.
      Lori: He's right. There is a reason the dead didn't come back to life and start raiding our cupboards.

    • T-Dog: You think there is a snowball's chance will actually find that little girl?
      Dale: For the first time in my life, I'm bettin' on the snowball.

    • Hershel: That's something, isn't it? It's good to pause for an occasional reminder.
      Rick: Of what?
      Hershel: Whatever comes to mind. For me it's often God. No thoughts on that?
      Rick: Last time I asked God for a favor and stopped to admire a view, my son got shot. I try not to mix it up with the Almighty anymore. Best we stay out of each others way.
      Hershel: Lori told me your story -- how you were shot, the coma. Yet you came out of it somehow. You did not feel God's hand in yours?
      Rick: At that moment? No, I did not.
      Hershel: In all the chaos you found your wife and boy. Then he was shot and he survived. That tells you nothing?
      Rick: It tells me God's got a strange sense of humor.

    • T-Dog: (after bashing in a walker's head) Good thing we didn't do anything stupid like shoot it.

    • Carl: Hey, I'm like you now. We've both been shot. Isn't that weird?
      Rick: Yeah, I think your mother would rather hear we got the same eyes. So let's keep that between us. Since in you're in the club now, you get to wear the hat. Didn't you know?

    • Carol: A flower?
      Daryl: It's a Cherokee Rose. The story is that when American soldiers were moving Indians off their land on the Trail of Tears, the Cherokee mothers were grieving and crying so much 'cause they were losing their little ones along the way from exposure and disease and starvation. A lot of them just disappeared. So the elders, they said a prayer; asked for a sign to uplift the mothers' spirits, give them strength and hope. The next day this rose started to grow where the mothers' tears fell. I'm not fool enough to think there's any flowers blooming for my brother. But I believe this one bloomed for your little girl.

    • Shane: We were about done, almost out of ammo. We were down to pistols by then, I was limping, it was bad with my ankle all swollen up. 'We got to save the boy'. That's what he said. He gave me his backpack and said he would take the rear and cover me. When I looked back… If not for Otis, I'd have never made it out alive. And that goes for Carl too. Otis…he saved us both.

  • Notes

    • This episode was cited by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) for it's "teaching moments".
      Rule #3- Clean water is zombie-free water. Be careful with your water supplies. After any disaster, make sure your ready available water sources are clean.

    • Viewership: 6.29 million (top cable show for the weekend of Nov. 4-6)

    • Locations: Along Rt. 85, Senoia, GA and Sharpsburg, GA
      The abandoned house that Daryl searches is located on W. McIntosh Road in Rover, Georgia.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      United Kingdom: November 11, 2011 on FX/FX HD
      Sweden: November 27, 2011 on TV11
      Finland: June 24, 2012 on Fox
      Slovakia: July 18, 2012 on JOJ Plus
      Czech Republic: October 15, 2012 on Prima COOL
      Turkey: October 28, 2012 on CNBC-e

  • Allusions

    • Cherokee Rose: The title of the episode refers to the state flower of Georgia (Rosa laevigata). In legend, the flower was created by the tears of Cherokee mothers that were grieving for the loss of children.