The Walking Dead

Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 13, 2011 on AMC

Episode Recap

The episode opens on a flashback, with Lori, Shane, and Carl stuck in a traffic jam on the road to Atlanta. In the early days, Carol is still with her husband, Ed,and he's still as inept as ever. WhenCarl states that he is hungry, Carol offers to give himsome of their food, but Ed tells her not to.Ed states that they don't know Lori and Carl and they need to think of their own survival.Sophia assumes that Shane is Carl's dad, and the boy is quick to deny that fact. Helicopters zoom overhead and then explosions are heard, so Lori and Shane hurry to see what's going on. They find their view of Atlanta marred with smoke and fire as napalm is dropped all over the city. It looks like Atlanta may not be the safest place after all. Shane tries to comfort Lori.

Lori has overslept and worries about missing out on the day as Carolfinishes hanging the laundry. Carol has spotted the Greene's kitchen and she wants to cook a large meal for everyone, to give thanks to Hershel and his family for taking them in for a little while. Meanwhile, Rick and Shane organize a proper search party for Sophia now that they have maps and a home base. Jimmy, the young man in Hershel's care, asks to be a part of the search party as well.

Shane and Rick bond in the woods, reminiscing about their high school bedroom conquests, including (according to Shane) one of their PE teachers. Shane expresses doubt that they're ever going to find Sophia, but Rick wants to press on because he does feel guilt over losing her in the first place. The pair return to the farmhouse without success, and Rick also expresses Shane's doubts about finding Sophia to Lori. Lori wonders whether Shane is right, but then Rick brings up Carl. If it were Carl lost, would Lori want them to keep looking? Lori admits that she'd want to know Carl's fate, either way. So they have to keep looking.

Daryl is on the Greene's horse and hunting for squirrels as well as for Sophia. He spots something in the creek: Sophia's doll. Later, a snake spooks the horse and it throws Daryl off and runs into the woods. Daryl falls down a steep ravine and into the river, stabbing himself in the side with one of his arrows in the process. Daryl wakes to find Merle looming over him, trying to provoke him by planting seeds of doubt into Daryl's brain.

Rick speaks with Hershel, who is growing more and more frustrated that Rick's group has done many things at the farm without his permission. Daryl hadn't asked to borrow the horse. No one told him about Carol making dinner for everyone. Rick promises Hershel that his people will be more careful in the future.

Glenn confronts Lori about the pregnancy test and he figures out that it was positive. He tells her that Rick should at least know, but Lori's reluctant to tell him. Later Glenn confides to Dale about women. He wonders whether it's true that female cycles tend to sync up when they're together for a long time. Dale picks up that Glenn has feelings for Maggie, and then figures out that they had actually had sex. Dale worries about all this happening behind Hershel's back. They're guests and this isn't an appropriate way for guests to act. Dale reminds Glenn to keep everything secret until they leave.

As Daryl continues to struggle with getting back to the farmhouse, the phantom Merle continues to chastise him. Merle tells Daryl that he is the only one who ever cared about Daryl, and chastises him for starting to warm up to Rick and the rest of the group.Daryl finally snaps out of his hallucinations to find walkers ready to make him supper. He fights them off, then cuts off their ears as trophies which he hangs around his neck. Hungry from the fight and the wound, he guts and eats the squirrel he killed earlier, leaving blood stains all over his chin and hands.

Andrea has taken Dale's place atop the RV and is shocked when she spots a walker meandering out of the woods. Shane is about ready to shoot the walker on sight, but Rick warns that Hershel wants to deal with walkers himself. They rush towards the walker, but Andrea thinks she can pick the walker off with her rifle. As Rick, Shane, and T-Dog go to dispatch the walker, they notice that it's Daryl. Andrea takes a shot anyway, which grazes Daryl's temple.

Hershel cleans Daryl up and stitches up his arrow wound.The dinner that evening is tense and quiet. Maggie and Glenn exchange notes beneath the table in order to figure out where to meet later that evening. Maggie waits until after dinner to see Glenn's response, "Ever done it in a hayloft?" She panics and hurries to the barn.

Glenn arrives at the barn, and finds the front door locked. No matter, because he can climb through a window. He enters the barn, and is discovers that it houses dozens of walkers, and all are now aware of his presence. Maggie comes up behind him, saying that he wasn't supposed to see this.