The Walking Dead

Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 13, 2011 on AMC

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  • Home is where your heart is...

    9.5 doesn't matter where you come from, it doesn't matter where you'll go, even if the people in your stories are dead, home is where the heart is, whether that is a place, a partner or your actual brother; home is that voice inside your head that tells you to keep going even when there's an arrow stuck in your toso, home is a doll that tells you there's still hope, home may be hope itself after a gunshot barely misses you, home is that feeling that tells you: you could only rest once you get there.

    ...and sometimes, like Glenn unexpectedly finds out, home is a barn in Hershel' farm, where the people who have died go to delve when they have become zombies ...

  • The Search for Sophia intensifies as the Survivors divide their forces to cover more ground, leading to disaster for one of them. Rick and Shane begin to split over what is best for the group and a secret at Hershell's farm is uncovered.


    This was the return of the successful story-telling i remember from season 1.


    This week the Survivors continue to search for Sophia and they plan a dinner to thank the Greene's for their hospitality.

    We are introduced to the groups need for leadership this week, with Lori being referred to as the First Lady. I'll admit this is a hard concept for me as the group seems too small to be worrying about re-electing or even needing a President.

    We also see the path Shane has decided is resolute. Shane has let go of the old world - in his talk with Rick in the woods he is quick to mention that you only have 72 hours to find a missing person (in the old world) and things are worse now. Shane seems obsessed with Lori and Carl and this arc is far from over.

    The discussion between Lori and Rick about what is the right decision really hammered it home for me... now more than ever they cannot give up hope - so they can't stop looking for Sophia until they know her fate.

    Once again this week focused on Darryl and the battle in his subconscious. He has guilt over losing Merl but is torn between family and his decision to accept the will of the group.

    Darryl's adventure this week was awesome. The half dream state coinciding with the walker attack was sublime. Darryl's return to camp and subsequent shooting was both hilarious and shocking. Admit it, Darryl did look like a walker thanks to his squirrel fare.

    I was glad to see Andrea finally warming to Dale who offers forgiveness Andrea did not expect. Although very short, this was a touching scene.

    Back at the Hershall farm it's become quite obvious that Hershall Greene is hiding a terrible secret. His talk with Rick about the division of power seemed a defensive move on Hershall's part and hinted at the secret.

    Glenn's discovery in the barn ties things up nicely. We'll probably find that most of Hershall's neighbours and family are locked up in their - explaining Hershall's desire to deal with all walkers on the property - he might be looking for someone in particular - hoping a cure will be found.

    Simply fantastic!

  • Hooray for Hillbillies :)



    Darryl is hands-down the best thing to happen to The Walking Dead. At least (despite my bambi-loving ways), he's the one I'd want to be stuck with if forced to live in a situation like this. (Rick would bore me with his do-goodiness and Shane would probably try to kill and eat me if the idea crossed his mind).

    It of course also doesn't hurt that Darryl is adorable as hell.

    Okay, so now to the review ... [Spoilers ahead].

    Herschel really gets on my nerves, and comics aside, I'd take him to the woods and arrange a little accident. While in part I understand his position, he comes across as that self-righteous catholic school principle who beleives in 'do what i say' and not necessarily 'do as I do'. (I mean, he provides refuge to zombies and yet is kicking the live group out)? Either this is a big plot hole, or he is just not right.

    The Maggie / Glenn relationship also gets on my nerves. Glenn needs to get a little backbone growing. Not that he's not as brave as heck, but if I were Maggie I would never have picked him over Darryl and in a tough spot, even Shane. He seems much too much of a brainless twit when it comes to women (the PMS line ... c'mon!). And telling Dale he slept with Maggie really doesn't sit well with me although I of course understand it was a segway in the plot leading to other things, and those were his lines, but still, he comes across as just wimpy, unwordly and unattractive because of this.

    While on the 'gets on my nerves' tangent, despite starting out really liking Andrea in early episodes, her character has become idiotic. I'm a girl,and I can shoot. It REALLY isn't that hard; nor is it hard to know WHAT to shoot at. So far she has wanted to shoot everything, including herself. This makes HER come across as a brainless twit too.

    And Lori? Don't get me started on her. Brainless twit Numero Uno.

    So, with all this, you are probably wondering WHY I like this show so much.

    I think it is because of episodes like this one.

    The dialogue between Merle and Darryl was great. I liked the fact that Darryl super-imposed Merle in his mind to give him the necessary will to keep going after being thrown off the horse and landing on his arrow. Merle really said what Merle needed to say to get the job done, and he did so brilliantly.

    The dialogue between Shane and Rick, great also. It flowed nicely and didn't seem rehearsed. The remembering their love lives in high school both gave us more of an insight into who they are, as well as opened up the door for the discussion on Sofia. Additionally, it opened up the possibility that what Shane feels for Lori may have a little to do with competitiveness. This helps because I never fully wrapped my mind around what pull it is that Lori has on Shane. I mean, not to knock her, I just do not see anything extraordinary about her, and simply wondered what the appeal is supposed to be.

    Both story lines (Darryl/Merle and Rick/Shane) were amazingly acted.

    More than this though, I think I like the series, because one can pretty much relate to how everyone feels, and although it may seem like a contradiction, one sees everyone's point of view as being at least a little right, even when in direct opposition to each other. With each episode it gets harderto say with any accuracy who is really right and who is wrong, and what one would do in a similar situation.

    Not many shows can make you ponder that.


    As for the Sofia arc ... I agree with many: It has dragged out far too long. Either find her or kill her off already. (You know ... as Shane would say ... so that we can move on) ;).

  • A good episode. (SPOILER ALERT!)


    So far the season has been slow. This episode was one of the best yet of the season, with the Darryl situation and the whole problem around the sheriff's wife pregnancy. I think the writers are taking this road where everything happens in its own time, so every week we keep watching these episodes with barely any action and a lot of drama. Since the third episode we haven't seen this much action. The fourth one was full of talking and worring about each other, not that it was bad, but on season one we watched every episode with our hearts in our throats from all the thrill and the suspense.

    This week we had an episode that had all the worring and the drama with some action thrown into it. I thought it was great to see Darryl's brother again, even if in a halucination. I admit that I got a bit worried that Darryl was going to turn into one of the walkers and leave us without all his badass/touchy attitude.

    In spite of being a huge X Files fan, I haave to say that Lauire Holden's character, Andrea, is starting to get on my nerves. All the old man wants to do is help her through a harrowing time and she keeps being rude with him. She's just trying to prove herself, but I think she can tone the attitude down a bit.

    Really looking forward to see how Shane's situation is going to evolve after what he did to Odis. He sure deserves something horrible happening to him, but we'll see how the writers manage that, because now he has one of the more interesting story lines of the whole cast.

  • Daryl showed great survival skills. Once again.


    This was another episode with a lack of zombie kills.

    And once again Daryl was on the top. And I don't how eating a squirrel should gain powers to climb on hill.

    Shane starts to be annoying with his immorality. Lori continues to be annoying.

    Andrea could take a zombie kill of the week. Oh, but that was Daryl. BUT this is a good start. If this was T-Dog she might be a saver from this worthless character. But Daryl is untouchable)

  • Chupacabra


    Chupacabra was a superb episode of The Walking Dead and I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of character development, some action, and drama. It was awesome to watch Darryl fight to survive, interesting to see the tensions between characters growing in various ways, and a shocking secret has been revealed. This was a fairly paced episode with some quality scenes, beautiful backgrounds, and an amazing cliffhanger leaving me waiting anxiously for the next episode!!!!!!!

  • 2x05 - Chupacabra

    The more I watch this show the more I think that Daryl really needs to leave this group. What is he getting out of sticking with them? I can't help but think his survival chances would go up if he ditches the group.
  • Daryl Goes Hiking (Spoilers Ahead)


    It took a while, but the farm finally got heated this week as many small things that could be seen as inconsequential really all came together. You could see Herschel's utter annoyance at Daryl borrowing one of his horses without permission, him not wanting their group to get "too comfortable" lest they should stay there permanently. Daryl goes off on horseback to scout for Sophia again to narrow down the gang's grid that they have set up. When his borrowed horse goes berserk he falls down a rocky waterfall and ends up with a concussion and an arrow in his side. His injury makes him hallucinate Merle being there telling him how he's just like him despite his efforts of looking for Sophia and how the group can't and won't ever accept him. Daryl's attitude towards his brother was believable sibling response (as someone who has brothers) to Merle's arrogance that we've seen before. Daryl has to go through a heck of a lot this episode but darned if his zombie kills while partially handicapped and getting shot don't make him the toughest bruiser of the group. It really showed us that Daryl may play hard around the edges but really is a teddy bear (no pun intended, although he did find Sophia's teddy bear which narrows down their grid by half) underneath just wanting to be loved, unlike his brother. In other news, Shane thinks it best to call off the search for Sophia since it's using up time and resources but Rick says that he owes it to her to keep trying. Glen can't seem to read women at all as Maggie gives him the cold shoulder after last week and Herschel tries to draw lines between his people and their people by telling Maggie to not see Glen. The gang also makes dinner for Herschel to thank them for their hospitality. Daryl gets shot because he was hobbling like a walker and Andrea is stupid, but I knew he wouldn't be dead because he's the coolest non-comic character on this show. When Maggie finally gives Glen the go ahead for them to continue seeing each other he chooses a rendezvous in the barn. For those of you who read the books I've been screaming at my TV for them to check the barn this whole time. He finds the walkers in the barn, dozens of them, and that for sure is going to put a gap between the groups. But it makes sense with Herschel's speech a few episodes ago that medicine might evolve to point where people can live forever, or even be unzombified if need be. The opening sequences this season are pretty cool since we got to see Sophia and the destruction as the Air Force napalmed Atlanta to stop the outbreak, but to no avail. Sometimes in times of peace like this, I forget I'm watching a zombie show. The best part of the episode by far was Carol telling Daryl that he's every bit as good as Shane and Rick despite his tough outer shell. I don't think Daryl needs to try so hard to be an outsider like he does. There really is a place for him in this group and now that he knows that he can get even more cool (if that's possible). Good episode, but next week will surely outshine it as events go. Somebody please stop Andrea from operating all weaponry, she'll shoot your eye out.

  • Rick and the crew split up trying to narrow down the search for Sofia. Daryl who is off on his own, falls down a mountainside after being bucked off of a horse. Daryl must deal with his injuries, while Rick is left to deal with the tension among the group


    Let me just start of by saying that this is the episode the show needed. Last weeks episode took a slower approach, developing the farm plot line as much as it could. This week was all about the characters. It was mainly about the inner struggles of the group and how they are drifting apart.

    I felt like this episode was good because it brought back character to these people that the end of last season lacked. Rick has passion, he is loyal. Shane has become hardened. Daryl is tough as hell, but inside he is like a teddy bear. This was Norman Reedus coming into his character. Before Daryl has just been a hard@$$, the outsider of the group. The flashback with Merle helped define him. Daryl is a good person, he should never doubt himself. The dialogue between Carol and Daryl at the end, seemed genuine in their predicament. Daryl is the only member of the group who has made progress in finding Sofia.

    The ending was tense, probably the most tension filled scene since they arrived at the farm. It leads not just into the next episode, but the next phase of decision making for the team. The ending was in the comics, but it still had all the thrills necessary to be engaging.

    With this episode the Walking Dead has gotten itself back on track. There is a conflict that will arise, and we will finally see the group actually having to make a decision. So far it seems like the decisions have been strictly for the group, but some of the developments from tonights episode may lead to characters doing things for personal gain. I want to see decisions being made that affect certain people in the group. I want Shane to rebel against Rick. I want it for entertainment reasons. It is almost mid way point for the season, and so far there have been four episodes at Hershels farm. Good build up, but let the tension explode already. The show is not fun when all the characters bottle their emotions.

    One episode is all it takes to change the dynamics of the group, lets all hope that episode airs next Sunday on AMC

  • fhiggjomgfg

  • Take Off Your High Heels

    This episode pretty much concreted that Darryl and Glenn are my favorites. Lory deserves everything she's got coming. Rick is too black and white. Andrea's a loose cannon. The people they're staying with are obviously hypocrites/crazy/etc. and need to be left behind as soon as possible. I had this feeling that we would see Murl before we saw Sophia again as well, and that was spot-on. Kind of a meh episode plot-wise, but focused on characters who are worthwhile.
  • Another "eh" episode for me. But at least it feels like we are getting somewhere.


    I liked this episode because there is finally some real tension growing between Herschel and...well...just about everyone. Maggie is 22 and getting lectures from him about who she should hang out with while Rick is having to get a lecture about watching out for his own ppl. The man means well but he is hiding oh so too much.

    Glenn was fun to watch and I don't exactly know how old he is suppose to be, he looks too old too be so naive when it comes to women. I don't expect him to be all suave with a girl, who is in their early 20's. But I knew enough not to bring up a woman's behavior and the possibility of her period in the same breath.

    Oh Andrea...this is why no one wants you to have a gun in your hand. You shot Daryl and he was one of the guys that has been the most decent with you. It will be fun to see the first time they get to talk to one another.

    Dang it Daryl,youdon't have to prove your bad@ ssness anymore to us. Shooting squirrels from horseback, fixing your own wounds, killing one Walker with a stick while pulling an arrow out of your own body and shooting down another. Then finding your way back to home base, getting grazed by a bullet but still managing to bring evidence that Sophia is alive. But at least you got a little reward from Carol in a form of a kiss on the head and a bit of ego soothing by telling you that you are just as good as Shane and Rick. Heck, from my point of view of being focus and getting the job are WAY ahead of Rick and Shane right now.

    Shane is returning to a demeanor that make sit easier to dislike him. Up to this episode, he was there for Lori, Carl and Rick. Now it seems that Rick is out of that equation.

    Lastly, I knew there would be zombies in the barn from the comics and at some level I could understand the thinking behind the comic Herschel. But looking down on them from Glenn's perspective I have to wonder what the heck is wrong with them?! Those things are freakin dangerous. I am glad Maggie didn't chuck Glenn down to them. There was a moment that was what I thought she was going to do.

    And even more lastly....dang you Walking Dead writers!! I knew Madison Lintz (Sophia) was going to be on this ep but I thought it would wrap up her missing story arc. But instead we get a mostly pointless flashback.

  • It was ok

    There is no more creativity in this episode or for a little bit now. The shows uniqueness was the element of surprise and now I can predict a lot of the characters actions except for the silly ones like the ghost thing about seeing Daryl's brother. For Glenn to find out what is in the barn was no shocker at all, not only that if you looked at the recent episodes you can kinda figure out what was hidden there. Clue One: Rick ask the owner if we are in your way we can move out towards the barn and camp near it, the owner said I rather you close to the house. He doesn't like them being there why does he want them near the house unless for a reason (Red Flag). Clue Two was when Rick ask the owner of the farm would he reconsider them to stay he said I have things going on that I don't want discovered or asked about (Red Flag). Clue Three: What convinced me was one of the dead in the well, no unknown dead ever got that close to the house but there was one in the Well. I like the build up they did to give you signs to not keep you totally in the dark but for me they made it so obvious that they were practically singing what the secret was. Overall it was good to watch the story but I expected more than what I watched.
  • Can't stand Andrea!

    Can't stand Andrea's gimme a gun, gimme a gun, like a kid wanting a toy. Then she finally gets her hands on one and hits daryll and they keep giving her guns. Her attitude and story line just don't do it for me. Over all the episode was okay but Andrea's burning desire to get her hands on a gun and shoot something really annoy me.
  • Finally the show is moving forward but still a litttle slow.


    Daryl part in this show gave us some story movement that we were needing but I think is was too stretched out like most of the show. Like somebody else also cuoted, it's getting predictable. But at least the story is finally moving on. But a full episode just to show Daryl's incident and zombies in the Barn and leave us hanging for the next episode?

    Almost forgot, the best part for me was Daryl being mistaken for a zombie and getting shoot. Luckly he is alive.

    I still think that there is more work that needs to be done.

  • Daryl continues to look for Sophia while tensions simmer between Rick and Herschel.


    This show needs to learn a little something called "suspense." Right now, the show has spent five straight episodes doing nothing but looking for the girl, fixing Carl and standing around, not knowing what to do with themselves. There has been no tension, no drama, nothing that I would call exciting. There's just been dragging the first half of the season out, and that's lame.

    If we didn't have the great Daryl scenes and the ending (and the Daryl scenes were nearly ruined by the stupid hallucinations the writers decided to include), this episode would've been rated a lot lower. Daryl decides to go out on his own and find Sophia. The scenes where he falls down the hill and gets stabbed with his own arrow are riveting, and equally riveting are the scenes where he fights the zombie and tries climbing back up the hill. As soon as Merle appears in ghost form, it's stupid.

    Back at camp, characters flit from one place to the next, talking about pointless stuff or things we already know. If there's one thing I liked about these scenes, it's the way we slowly learn that Herschel is kind of a d-bag. I thought Herschel would understand that this group of people have seen enough crap in the last month or so, but apparently not. He wants them to leave.

    The ending is also a nice moment. What the heck are those zombies doing in the barn? I have theories but we'll have to wait and see.

  • 205


    I'm sorry, but this was a boring episode of The Walking Dead tonight. The writing was absolutely terrible (the ghost of the brother, the period discussion, come on) and the acting was even worse.

    Plus, we know what is going to happen at some point: the barn is going to open up and the army of zombies is going to lead to a huge shootout in the house. Kind of obvious, right?

    Sorry, but this show is really dull right now. Sophomore slump? It sure looks like it.

  • thefanof is 100% right when he said that this show is so boring and the storylines are terrible and how the acting is getting worse.


    Can this show can get any more boring or worse?... last time I checked, this show was called "The Walking Dead" NOT "The Boring Slump". I'm sorry fans but this storytelling does not do justice and it's getting worse and worse. Before Season began, we are seeing promos saying that Season 2 of "The Walking Dead" is going to be bloody fantastic, horrifyinh, suspenseful, and many more good things about. As a fan of this show, I am super disappointed of what the writer are doing. How could they go so right with Season 1 BUT go so wrong with Season 2. This show isn't giving me zombies. Like I said, I agree with everything that thefanof says. I did find Darryl having a hallucination of his older brother to be interesting but that's like one of the few good things about this show. That one BRIEF zombie scene in the very middle of the episode was also good as well. Seriously? we don't care what goes on with the characters. Laurie being pregnant, Glenn and that cowgirl going out. Come on, enough with the drama, I don't care what goes on with the characters... it's so freakin' boring. If the rest of the season continues to be this boring and this bad, I'm just gonna stop watching this show PERIOD and this show will lose a fan which is me. Bring more zombies and enough with the drama writers... wake up and get your heads straight. Overall, such a poor episode of "The Walking Dead"... I'm not surprised if next week's episode is gonna get an even lower score from me, this season better improve and they better do it fast. 4.5/10

  • Hershels secret

    How he all of a sudden turned later becoming a trusted friend to the actor is so bad a 5 year old could do better.