The Walking Dead

Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 13, 2011 on AMC

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  • Daryl Goes Hiking (Spoilers Ahead)


    It took a while, but the farm finally got heated this week as many small things that could be seen as inconsequential really all came together. You could see Herschel's utter annoyance at Daryl borrowing one of his horses without permission, him not wanting their group to get "too comfortable" lest they should stay there permanently. Daryl goes off on horseback to scout for Sophia again to narrow down the gang's grid that they have set up. When his borrowed horse goes berserk he falls down a rocky waterfall and ends up with a concussion and an arrow in his side. His injury makes him hallucinate Merle being there telling him how he's just like him despite his efforts of looking for Sophia and how the group can't and won't ever accept him. Daryl's attitude towards his brother was believable sibling response (as someone who has brothers) to Merle's arrogance that we've seen before. Daryl has to go through a heck of a lot this episode but darned if his zombie kills while partially handicapped and getting shot don't make him the toughest bruiser of the group. It really showed us that Daryl may play hard around the edges but really is a teddy bear (no pun intended, although he did find Sophia's teddy bear which narrows down their grid by half) underneath just wanting to be loved, unlike his brother. In other news, Shane thinks it best to call off the search for Sophia since it's using up time and resources but Rick says that he owes it to her to keep trying. Glen can't seem to read women at all as Maggie gives him the cold shoulder after last week and Herschel tries to draw lines between his people and their people by telling Maggie to not see Glen. The gang also makes dinner for Herschel to thank them for their hospitality. Daryl gets shot because he was hobbling like a walker and Andrea is stupid, but I knew he wouldn't be dead because he's the coolest non-comic character on this show. When Maggie finally gives Glen the go ahead for them to continue seeing each other he chooses a rendezvous in the barn. For those of you who read the books I've been screaming at my TV for them to check the barn this whole time. He finds the walkers in the barn, dozens of them, and that for sure is going to put a gap between the groups. But it makes sense with Herschel's speech a few episodes ago that medicine might evolve to point where people can live forever, or even be unzombified if need be. The opening sequences this season are pretty cool since we got to see Sophia and the destruction as the Air Force napalmed Atlanta to stop the outbreak, but to no avail. Sometimes in times of peace like this, I forget I'm watching a zombie show. The best part of the episode by far was Carol telling Daryl that he's every bit as good as Shane and Rick despite his tough outer shell. I don't think Daryl needs to try so hard to be an outsider like he does. There really is a place for him in this group and now that he knows that he can get even more cool (if that's possible). Good episode, but next week will surely outshine it as events go. Somebody please stop Andrea from operating all weaponry, she'll shoot your eye out.