The Walking Dead

Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 13, 2011 on AMC

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  • Another "eh" episode for me. But at least it feels like we are getting somewhere.


    I liked this episode because there is finally some real tension growing between Herschel and...well...just about everyone. Maggie is 22 and getting lectures from him about who she should hang out with while Rick is having to get a lecture about watching out for his own ppl. The man means well but he is hiding oh so too much.

    Glenn was fun to watch and I don't exactly know how old he is suppose to be, he looks too old too be so naive when it comes to women. I don't expect him to be all suave with a girl, who is in their early 20's. But I knew enough not to bring up a woman's behavior and the possibility of her period in the same breath.

    Oh Andrea...this is why no one wants you to have a gun in your hand. You shot Daryl and he was one of the guys that has been the most decent with you. It will be fun to see the first time they get to talk to one another.

    Dang it Daryl,youdon't have to prove your bad@ ssness anymore to us. Shooting squirrels from horseback, fixing your own wounds, killing one Walker with a stick while pulling an arrow out of your own body and shooting down another. Then finding your way back to home base, getting grazed by a bullet but still managing to bring evidence that Sophia is alive. But at least you got a little reward from Carol in a form of a kiss on the head and a bit of ego soothing by telling you that you are just as good as Shane and Rick. Heck, from my point of view of being focus and getting the job are WAY ahead of Rick and Shane right now.

    Shane is returning to a demeanor that make sit easier to dislike him. Up to this episode, he was there for Lori, Carl and Rick. Now it seems that Rick is out of that equation.

    Lastly, I knew there would be zombies in the barn from the comics and at some level I could understand the thinking behind the comic Herschel. But looking down on them from Glenn's perspective I have to wonder what the heck is wrong with them?! Those things are freakin dangerous. I am glad Maggie didn't chuck Glenn down to them. There was a moment that was what I thought she was going to do.

    And even more lastly....dang you Walking Dead writers!! I knew Madison Lintz (Sophia) was going to be on this ep but I thought it would wrap up her missing story arc. But instead we get a mostly pointless flashback.

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