The Walking Dead

Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 13, 2011 on AMC

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  • Rick and the crew split up trying to narrow down the search for Sofia. Daryl who is off on his own, falls down a mountainside after being bucked off of a horse. Daryl must deal with his injuries, while Rick is left to deal with the tension among the group


    Let me just start of by saying that this is the episode the show needed. Last weeks episode took a slower approach, developing the farm plot line as much as it could. This week was all about the characters. It was mainly about the inner struggles of the group and how they are drifting apart.

    I felt like this episode was good because it brought back character to these people that the end of last season lacked. Rick has passion, he is loyal. Shane has become hardened. Daryl is tough as hell, but inside he is like a teddy bear. This was Norman Reedus coming into his character. Before Daryl has just been a hard@$$, the outsider of the group. The flashback with Merle helped define him. Daryl is a good person, he should never doubt himself. The dialogue between Carol and Daryl at the end, seemed genuine in their predicament. Daryl is the only member of the group who has made progress in finding Sofia.

    The ending was tense, probably the most tension filled scene since they arrived at the farm. It leads not just into the next episode, but the next phase of decision making for the team. The ending was in the comics, but it still had all the thrills necessary to be engaging.

    With this episode the Walking Dead has gotten itself back on track. There is a conflict that will arise, and we will finally see the group actually having to make a decision. So far it seems like the decisions have been strictly for the group, but some of the developments from tonights episode may lead to characters doing things for personal gain. I want to see decisions being made that affect certain people in the group. I want Shane to rebel against Rick. I want it for entertainment reasons. It is almost mid way point for the season, and so far there have been four episodes at Hershels farm. Good build up, but let the tension explode already. The show is not fun when all the characters bottle their emotions.

    One episode is all it takes to change the dynamics of the group, lets all hope that episode airs next Sunday on AMC