The Walking Dead

Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 13, 2011 on AMC

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  • The Search for Sophia intensifies as the Survivors divide their forces to cover more ground, leading to disaster for one of them. Rick and Shane begin to split over what is best for the group and a secret at Hershell's farm is uncovered.


    This was the return of the successful story-telling i remember from season 1.


    This week the Survivors continue to search for Sophia and they plan a dinner to thank the Greene's for their hospitality.

    We are introduced to the groups need for leadership this week, with Lori being referred to as the First Lady. I'll admit this is a hard concept for me as the group seems too small to be worrying about re-electing or even needing a President.

    We also see the path Shane has decided is resolute. Shane has let go of the old world - in his talk with Rick in the woods he is quick to mention that you only have 72 hours to find a missing person (in the old world) and things are worse now. Shane seems obsessed with Lori and Carl and this arc is far from over.

    The discussion between Lori and Rick about what is the right decision really hammered it home for me... now more than ever they cannot give up hope - so they can't stop looking for Sophia until they know her fate.

    Once again this week focused on Darryl and the battle in his subconscious. He has guilt over losing Merl but is torn between family and his decision to accept the will of the group.

    Darryl's adventure this week was awesome. The half dream state coinciding with the walker attack was sublime. Darryl's return to camp and subsequent shooting was both hilarious and shocking. Admit it, Darryl did look like a walker thanks to his squirrel fare.

    I was glad to see Andrea finally warming to Dale who offers forgiveness Andrea did not expect. Although very short, this was a touching scene.

    Back at the Hershall farm it's become quite obvious that Hershall Greene is hiding a terrible secret. His talk with Rick about the division of power seemed a defensive move on Hershall's part and hinted at the secret.

    Glenn's discovery in the barn ties things up nicely. We'll probably find that most of Hershall's neighbours and family are locked up in their - explaining Hershall's desire to deal with all walkers on the property - he might be looking for someone in particular - hoping a cure will be found.

    Simply fantastic!

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