The Walking Dead

Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 13, 2011 on AMC

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  • Hooray for Hillbillies :)



    Darryl is hands-down the best thing to happen to The Walking Dead. At least (despite my bambi-loving ways), he's the one I'd want to be stuck with if forced to live in a situation like this. (Rick would bore me with his do-goodiness and Shane would probably try to kill and eat me if the idea crossed his mind).

    It of course also doesn't hurt that Darryl is adorable as hell.

    Okay, so now to the review ... [Spoilers ahead].

    Herschel really gets on my nerves, and comics aside, I'd take him to the woods and arrange a little accident. While in part I understand his position, he comes across as that self-righteous catholic school principle who beleives in 'do what i say' and not necessarily 'do as I do'. (I mean, he provides refuge to zombies and yet is kicking the live group out)? Either this is a big plot hole, or he is just not right.

    The Maggie / Glenn relationship also gets on my nerves. Glenn needs to get a little backbone growing. Not that he's not as brave as heck, but if I were Maggie I would never have picked him over Darryl and in a tough spot, even Shane. He seems much too much of a brainless twit when it comes to women (the PMS line ... c'mon!). And telling Dale he slept with Maggie really doesn't sit well with me although I of course understand it was a segway in the plot leading to other things, and those were his lines, but still, he comes across as just wimpy, unwordly and unattractive because of this.

    While on the 'gets on my nerves' tangent, despite starting out really liking Andrea in early episodes, her character has become idiotic. I'm a girl,and I can shoot. It REALLY isn't that hard; nor is it hard to know WHAT to shoot at. So far she has wanted to shoot everything, including herself. This makes HER come across as a brainless twit too.

    And Lori? Don't get me started on her. Brainless twit Numero Uno.

    So, with all this, you are probably wondering WHY I like this show so much.

    I think it is because of episodes like this one.

    The dialogue between Merle and Darryl was great. I liked the fact that Darryl super-imposed Merle in his mind to give him the necessary will to keep going after being thrown off the horse and landing on his arrow. Merle really said what Merle needed to say to get the job done, and he did so brilliantly.

    The dialogue between Shane and Rick, great also. It flowed nicely and didn't seem rehearsed. The remembering their love lives in high school both gave us more of an insight into who they are, as well as opened up the door for the discussion on Sofia. Additionally, it opened up the possibility that what Shane feels for Lori may have a little to do with competitiveness. This helps because I never fully wrapped my mind around what pull it is that Lori has on Shane. I mean, not to knock her, I just do not see anything extraordinary about her, and simply wondered what the appeal is supposed to be.

    Both story lines (Darryl/Merle and Rick/Shane) were amazingly acted.

    More than this though, I think I like the series, because one can pretty much relate to how everyone feels, and although it may seem like a contradiction, one sees everyone's point of view as being at least a little right, even when in direct opposition to each other. With each episode it gets harderto say with any accuracy who is really right and who is wrong, and what one would do in a similar situation.

    Not many shows can make you ponder that.


    As for the Sofia arc ... I agree with many: It has dragged out far too long. Either find her or kill her off already. (You know ... as Shane would say ... so that we can move on) ;).