The Walking Dead

Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 13, 2011 on AMC

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  • thefanof is 100% right when he said that this show is so boring and the storylines are terrible and how the acting is getting worse.


    Can this show can get any more boring or worse?... last time I checked, this show was called "The Walking Dead" NOT "The Boring Slump". I'm sorry fans but this storytelling does not do justice and it's getting worse and worse. Before Season began, we are seeing promos saying that Season 2 of "The Walking Dead" is going to be bloody fantastic, horrifyinh, suspenseful, and many more good things about. As a fan of this show, I am super disappointed of what the writer are doing. How could they go so right with Season 1 BUT go so wrong with Season 2. This show isn't giving me zombies. Like I said, I agree with everything that thefanof says. I did find Darryl having a hallucination of his older brother to be interesting but that's like one of the few good things about this show. That one BRIEF zombie scene in the very middle of the episode was also good as well. Seriously? we don't care what goes on with the characters. Laurie being pregnant, Glenn and that cowgirl going out. Come on, enough with the drama, I don't care what goes on with the characters... it's so freakin' boring. If the rest of the season continues to be this boring and this bad, I'm just gonna stop watching this show PERIOD and this show will lose a fan which is me. Bring more zombies and enough with the drama writers... wake up and get your heads straight. Overall, such a poor episode of "The Walking Dead"... I'm not surprised if next week's episode is gonna get an even lower score from me, this season better improve and they better do it fast. 4.5/10