The Walking Dead

Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 13, 2011 on AMC

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  • Daryl continues to look for Sophia while tensions simmer between Rick and Herschel.


    This show needs to learn a little something called "suspense." Right now, the show has spent five straight episodes doing nothing but looking for the girl, fixing Carl and standing around, not knowing what to do with themselves. There has been no tension, no drama, nothing that I would call exciting. There's just been dragging the first half of the season out, and that's lame.

    If we didn't have the great Daryl scenes and the ending (and the Daryl scenes were nearly ruined by the stupid hallucinations the writers decided to include), this episode would've been rated a lot lower. Daryl decides to go out on his own and find Sophia. The scenes where he falls down the hill and gets stabbed with his own arrow are riveting, and equally riveting are the scenes where he fights the zombie and tries climbing back up the hill. As soon as Merle appears in ghost form, it's stupid.

    Back at camp, characters flit from one place to the next, talking about pointless stuff or things we already know. If there's one thing I liked about these scenes, it's the way we slowly learn that Herschel is kind of a d-bag. I thought Herschel would understand that this group of people have seen enough crap in the last month or so, but apparently not. He wants them to leave.

    The ending is also a nice moment. What the heck are those zombies doing in the barn? I have theories but we'll have to wait and see.