The Walking Dead

Season 4 Episode 11


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 23, 2014 on AMC
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The survivors have journeyed into the world beyond the prison and have found it is populated with various people. Carl and Michonne search the neighborhood and discover tragedy while Rick encounters scavengers.

A trio of survivors have found Glenn and Tara, and are on a mission to save the world.


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  • we don't have to live the boring stuff.

    Just when I thought this show couldn't get any slower, it did. many pointless scenes and time wasting, for example Rick goes to bed, now in most programs it would show Rick saying 'I'm gonna have a nap' and show him walking upstairs, cut to a more interesting scene like a zombie attack somewhere. but no, this is The walking dead so Rick says he gonna have a nap and we see him walking up each stair painfully slowly, getting ready for bed, really slowly and even taking off his watch. Why? He was going to bed, we get that, we know what a person going to bed does, we don't have to live the boring stuff.moreless
  • Claimed

    Way too much Michonne here, and an odd transformation with her trying to be a comedy character. The rest of the episode was good though, and I am curious to see what the "reason" for the zombie apocalypse ends up being, if we ever do find out.
  • Can't be a father and a best friend

    While Carol & Judith take on a journey of their own, Rick & Carl do their best to overcome their absence by playing house with Michonne. It doesn't go so well. The truth is, Rick can't be a parent and a best friend any more than Michonne can be a best friend and a parent, so she takes upon herself to tell the story of her son, hoping that Carl could move on from the loss of his baby sister.

    Trying to overcome a loss of his own, Glenn & Tara are driven further away by the three characters they met last episode, Abraham & Rosita guarding something as precious as Eugene's mind. A mind that might just hold the cure for the zombie outbreak . Their one goeal: to can raise an army that could help him get to into the City.moreless
  • Occupational Hazard

    The third episode return of the Walking Dead provided another split focus lens as we saw more of Michonne, Rick, and Carl and more of Glen and Tara but none of the others. We also got to see more of Abraham Ford and his other comrades. Starting in the what worked department, let's start with discussing how effective the tension was in the home invasion-style sequence involving Rick sweating bullets under his bed while other survivors are raiding the house for supplies. There were parts that stretched such as when someone kills someone over a bed (I know this is supposed to be a metaphor for the deterioration of the human condition after the fall of civilization but how on the nose is that?) Killing someone over a place to sleep is just childish and no doubt would cause some strife among the remaining raiders since that's one less person breathing in the world to help defend against walkers. Rick's escape was well shot and executed really well so hats off to cinematographer and production designers for that bit. The other thing that borrowed me was why the guy he strangles to death in the bathroom was sitting on the toilet with his pants up? He wasn't going Number 2 or even reading, he was waiting to be in the wrong place at the wrong time to get murdered so that Rick didn't get away clean (another sloppy bit writers). Michonne and Carl's scenes fell flat this week a bit too as she tries to make friends with him in the wake of his loss of Judith but she can't break through. Moments of it worked but stuff like the cheese whiz put it into too campy and contrived for me to believe that the character would actually do that. But now they don't have a house anymore and they're on the tracks to the united shelter all of the ensemble seem to all conveniently gravitate toward. In the Glen area of the map apparently Dr. Mullet (Abraham's travel companion) knows what caused the outbreak and Abe and Rosita (other companion who inexplicably wears incredibly short shorts for no conceivable reason) are trying to get him to Washington. While Glen insists he go back to the bus to find Maggie and Abe tries to get him to stay to help "save humanity" and all that boring jazz (this reveal should've come off as great and game changing but instead felt barely relevant to what was happening). Then walkers come and Mullet puts too many bullets in the gas tank which leads them no choice but to follow Glen to the bus and find transportation to Washington from there. We got a sense of who Mullet is in his dialogue but Rosita is just sort of there at this point. You'd think they would give her a few lines to explain why she's there beyond Tara (who we barely know saying about Rosita) "she'd follow you anywhere because she loves you!" You doubt the truthfulness of it. But nope. It's T-Dog syndrome where the less you know the better, even if the underdeveloped female character attractively wears short shorts and dual wields pistols. But beyond my annoyances at the sloppy writing and bland characterization the action as always remains solid and is something that I've always enjoyed on the show. I just hope we can flesh out these newbies a bit more than we have in the episode we just got because it just reeks of the cast getting way too big yet again.moreless
  • Quick, Hide

    So pretty much all that happened in this episode was BAM dropping the plot for the rest of the season (reaching this doctor with the cure), even though Glen wants nothing to do with it and someone managed to shoot a hole in a gas tank without causing it to combust. And Rick hid under the bed. Says a lot about how his character's progressed. It was nice to see Michonne connect with Carl at least, I guess. Not terribly impressed overall.moreless
Michael Cudlitz

Michael Cudlitz

Sgt. Abraham Ford

Guest Star

Josh McDermitt

Josh McDermitt

Dr. Eugene Porter

Guest Star

Christian Serratos

Christian Serratos

Rosita Espinosa

Guest Star

Alanna Masterson

Alanna Masterson

Tara Chambler

Recurring Role

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