The Walking Dead

Season 3 Episode 12


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 03, 2013 on AMC

Episode Recap

The episode begins with Rick, Carl, and Michonne driving towards Rick's hometown so that the group can get more guns to fight against the Governor and Woodbury. They pass a sign that says: "Erin, we tried for Stone Mountain." The three sit quietly in the car. Suddenly, they come upon a survivor carrying an orange backpack. The man begs for them to slow down and help him, but Michonne doesn't stop the car. The hitchhiker runs after them, but trips and falls. The vehicle comes across a blockade of cars, and some walkers trapped underneath the vehicles. As Michonne tries to maneuver her way through the mess, the car gets stuck in the mud. Michonne revs the engine, but the car won't budge. Suddenly, five walkers surround the vehicle and start tapping on it. They notice that one of the walkers is Erin, the woman mentioned on the sign. Rick tells the other two to cover their ears, and he shoots one of the walkers.


Rick shoots the rest of the walkers off screen, and the three get out of the car so they can get the car out of the mud. Rick grabs some cloth, and tells Carl that if they put sticks and stones on the cloth, it'll help give the vehicle traction. Carl notes that they wouldn't be in this mess if Michonne wouldn't have ran the vehicle into mud. Rick states that Michonne made an honest mistake. Carl asks Rick why he let Michonne come along, noting that Michonne left Rick to fend for himself when they invaded Woodbury. Carl doesn't trust Michonne. Rick states that the circumstances were different. He notes the real reason he brought Michonne along was because he didn't want to leave Michonne out of his sight, especially with Merle being at the prison. He knows those two would try to kill each other if he wasn't there to keep them separated. Rick notes that Michonne shares a common interest with them because of what the Governor did to her. Rick hopes that Michonne will prove to be useful. Suddenly the hitchhiker with the orange backpack has caught up with them. He yells at Rick and Carl, and begs them not to leave him behind. Michonne starts the engine, and they are able to get the car out of the mud. The hitchhiker yells that he's not bitten, and yells at them to stop. But, the three won't stop the car, and they continue on without the man.


Later, Rick, Carl, and Michonne arrive in Rick's hometown. Rick leads them to his old police station, but finds that the gun locker has been completely cleared out. Rick is angry, and kicks a bench. Michonne asks if there are any other police stations in the town. Rick states that he was the only police force, along with the other deputies. Rick states that he wrote out a few permits and remembers where they are. Michonne notes that they are going to need as many guns as they can get, along with ammunition. Rick agrees, but states that he only has access to a few, noting they may be inside the bars and liquor stores in the town. Rick hopes they are still there. He asks Michonne if she has a problem with that approach. Michonne states she doesn't have a problem with his plan. She hands Rick a bullet that she found.


The three find a large pile of walkers that have been burned, along with arrows painted into the sidewalk. They walk down the main street, and find that it's been booby-trapped with wires, wooden stakes, and other traps to keep out walkers and intruders. On the ground, someone painted "Turn around and live", warning people to keep out. Rick notices that other messages are spray painted along the buildings, road, and fences. Inside some small cages are animals and birds that attract the walkers. Michonne notes that somebody made this town their shelter. Rick notes that is true, but also states they may not have found the guns. Rick notes that some of the places are up ahead, and states they need to get out of here quickly. A walker steadily approaches them. Carl mentions this to Rick, but Rick tells them not to move because the walker will get caught. The walker indeed gets caught in one of the wires, and someone on the roof shoots it. The man is wearing a mask and armor, and warns them that they need to drop their weapons and take off their shoes in ten seconds. The man starts counting down from ten. Michonne believes that she can get up to the roof and take out the shooter. Rick tells Carl to hide, and Rick fires at the man. The two sides exchange gunfire, and Rick and Carl take cover behind a truck. Michonne starts to move forward. The man moves his position down to the road, and Michonne is too late getting up to catch him. The shooter starts firing from the road, and Rick has to take cover elsewhere. The man gets a bead on Rick, but Carl appears from his hiding place, and shoots the man in the chest. The man is knocked down. Rick scolds Carl for staying behind, noting he didn't want Carl to have to shoot anyone. Carl insists that he had to, and he's fine. Rick notices that the man is wearing a bulletproof vest, and he was only knocked down. Rick removes the mask, and finds out the man is Morgan Jones, the man who saved his life after he woke up from the coma.


Rick tells the others they need to help Morgan. Michonne thought the plan was to get in and get out, and notes she's not comfortable with helping a man that just shot at her. Rick tells Michonne that Morgan saved his life, and he wasn't crazy before. Rick notes that Morgan has a son, Duane. Michonne asks if Duane is around. Rick hopes so. Michonne tells Rick to watch his step around the welcome mat. It's revealed that the welcome mat is a booby trap, as he would have fallen into a hole with knives at the bottom. Rick and Michonne carry Morgan up the stairs, and avoid another booby trap wire. They find that Morgan has taken refuge inside a house, and he has stocked it full with guns and ammunition. Rick notes that he showed Morgan the weapons locker last year, and it's clear Morgan cleared it. Michonne notes that there is some heavy firepower in the home. Rick states that Morgan's been busy and found weapons elsewhere. They lay Morgan down on the cot to let him rest.


Rick and the others start going through the weapons cache. While Rick is doing that, he finds the walkie-talkie that he gave Morgan over a year ago. Rick wonders what happened, and why Morgan never answered him when he called him. Rick also notices that Morgan has written messages all over the walls, and one of them says: "Duane turned", indicating that Duane has died. Rick is sad when he receives this news. Rick tells Carl and Michonne that they are going to wait until Morgan wakes up, and make sure he's alright. Michonne notes that Morgan tried to kill them. Rick insists, noting that Morgan didn't know who they were. Michonne states that they should take half of his guns, and leave. Rick states they're waiting for him to wake up, and that's final. Michonne states that Morgan is dangerous. Rick insists that he knows Morgan, and they will wait until he wakes up, whether Michonne wants to or not. Rick does tie Morgan's hands behind his back, just as a precaution. Carl notices a map of the entire town on one of the walls. As he looks, Carl finds out that their house has been burned to the ground. Rick asks Carl if he wanted to see the house again, but Carl states he just wanted to come out of boredom. Rick notices that Michonne is eating Morgan's food. Michonne notes that the mat said, "Welcome", and she's welcome to help herself to some food. Carl looks at another location, and states he wants to go on a run. Rick asks where he wants to go. Carl states he wants to go to the baby store in order to get a crib for Judith. Rick notes that it's dangerous out there with all the traps. Michonne notes that Carl is going to need help carrying the crib, and offers to go with him. Rick agrees, but tells them to go there and immediately come back.


Carl and Michonne head outside, and find that several walkers are stuck in the traps that Morgan has set up. Carl notes that Michonne didn't need to come. Michonne states that she made a promise to Rick, and she's going to help him. Carl notices a skinny walker that's avoided the traps, and notes that Michonne should take care of it. Michonne walks over to it, and kills it with her sword. While she does, Carl runs away from Michonne. Michonne chases after him, and catches up. She asks Carl what he's doing. Carl states that he wants to do this mission on his own. Michonne notes that Carl passed the baby store. Carl states he's getting Judith another item first.


Rick continues to explore the house, and watch over Morgan. Rick tells Morgan that he is sorry that all of this happened to him. It's shown that Morgan is conscious, but is pretending to still be unconscious. There is a knife taped to the side of the cot, and he grabs it. Rick is looking at the first rifle that he gave Morgan, and Morgan attacks him. Rick is able to knock him to the floor, and asks Morgan if he can recognize him. Morgan yells out that people are wearing dead peoples' faces. He yells out that he doesn't know Rick. Morgan attacks Rick again, and Rick tries to remind Morgan that he saved his life. Morgan has a hold of the knife, and Rick continues to fight him. Morgan states that Rick doesn't clear. He states that people turn, and they die. Rick tries to get Morgan to remember him, but Morgan states that he doesn't know anyone anymore. Morgan yells that Rick doesn't clear, and stabs him in the shoulder. Rick is able to push Morgan off, and holds his Colt Python on him. Morgan pulls the gun close to his head, and begs Rick to kill him. Rick pulls the gun away.


Outside, more walkers are getting caught in the traps Morgan has set up. Rick has tied Morgan up again, and Morgan begs Rick to kill him again and again. Rick recounts that Morgan and Duane found him last year, treated his gunshot wound, and told him what happened. Rick states that Morgan saved his life, and asks him to remember. Rick states that he's not wearing a dead man's face. Rick shows Morgan the walkie-talkie and states that he would try to contact him with it. At last, Morgan does remember Rick, and states he does know who he is. Morgan states that he didn't turn on the walkie-talkie at first, but then he started to. He states that, for weeks, Morgan and Duane tried to contact him, and there was only static. Morgan yells that Rick was never there when he tried, and states that Rick abandoned him. Rick states that he kept getting pushed further away from Atlanta, and he couldn't contact him. Rick states that he found Lori and Carl, and he had other people that he had to take care of. Rick swears that he didn't have any other choice. Morgan kicks the radio back at Rick, and states that he can have it back. Morgan asks if Rick really found his family. Rick nods yes. Morgan asks Rick if his wife turned. Rick states that his wife died, but did not turn into a walker. Morgan states that Rick is lucky he didn't have to see that. Morgan states that he had to see his wife turn into a walker. Morgan remembers that Rick gave him the gun, and Morgan tells Rick that he tried to kill his wife. However, he was unable to kill her walker body, and let it continue to roam around. He tells Rick that he saw her for weeks, but couldn't pull the trigger. Morgan states that he and Duane constantly had to look for food, and he went down into a cellar. When he came up, he saw that his wife was after Duane and Duane couldn't pull the trigger either. Morgan states that Jenny attacked Duane, he saw red, and then he did shoot his wife's walker body. However, it was too late, and Duane was bitten. Morgan states that he was supposed to put his wife down, but he was weak, and his son died because of it. Morgan asks Rick if Carl is dead. Rick states that his son is still alive. Morgan states Carl will be dead soon, because the good people always die. Morgan notes that the bad people die as well. However, he states that weak people, like himself, will live and inherit the earth. He laughs at the irony.


Outside, Carl and Michonne come upon a café. Carl looks inside, and sees that there are dead walkers inside. He goes to open the door, but Michonne stops him. Michonne asks Carl if he really thinks she was going to let him go inside. Carl states that it's none of Michonne's business. Carl states that Michonne doesn't know him, and she's only here because they have a common interest against the Governor. Carl states that what he wants to do is important, and Michonne is not going to stop him. Michonne states that she can't stop him, but Carl can't stop her from helping him.


Michonne takes two of the rats in the cages, and tosses them inside the café. The walkers inside crawl over and try to get at the rats. Carl and Michonne are able to sneak by, and they duck behind a display. They make their way towards the counter. However, there's a walker behind it. Carl finds what he's looking for: a picture of his family. The walker tries to grab Carl, but Michonne is able to stab it. She quietly pulls her sword out of its head. Michonne and Carl try to make their way out of the café, but the rat has escaped from its cage. The walkers start to walk around the corner, and notice Michonne and Carl. The two run for it, as a few more walkers come out from the kitchen area. Carl shoots one that comes out, and Michonne stabs two other walkers. Carl is able to shoot one more, and flips over a table to trip up the other walkers. However, Carl drops the photo as he and Michonne go out the door. Carl is upset, and states that he has to go back inside, insisting it's the only photo left. Michonne tells Carl to wait outside. Carl wants to help, but Michonne insists that Carl is going to stay outside, and she will go in to get the photo. Carl agrees. Michonne goes to the back entrance, and Carl waits outside. When Michonne returns, she has the photo. Carl tells Michonne that he wanted Judith to know what Lori looked like when she grows up, and thanks her. Michonne states that she was going to go back inside anyways, and shows Carl a sculpture of a painted cat, noting that she couldn't leave the artwork behind. The two share a laugh.


Rick tells Morgan that he's not going to kill him. Rick tells Morgan that he should come back with them to the prison. Morgan is shocked that Rick would want him at the prison after he shot and stabbed him. Rick notes that neither of them could kill each other, and he takes it as a sign. Rick tells Morgan about the prison, and states that it's a safe place. Morgan asks Rick if Lori died at the prison. Rick's silence lets Morgan know he's right. Morgan tells Rick to leave him behind. Rick insists that he can help Morgan, and he can heal him. Morgan notes that Rick is taking a lot of guns back with him, and asks why he needs so many. Morgan notes that the prison is safe, and that means other people are going to want it. Rick states that they will win the fight, and tells Morgan that he can be there to help. Morgan believes Rick and his people will die one way or another, but Morgan states that he refuses to watch people die again. Rick states that Morgan can't accept that there is a chance for a better life, and that's why he wants to stay. Morgan asks Rick if he's listened to anything he's said. Rick states that they started out in the same position, and both of them have suffered through heartbreaks. Rick tells Morgan that he's not seeing things right, but he believes Morgan can come back and become a better person. Morgan states that he's not coming back to the prison. He states that he has to clear, and that is why he will continue to live. His job is to clear the town. Rick resigns to the fact that Morgan is not coming back with him.


Outside, Morgan begins to remove the walkers from the traps. Carl and Michonne return with the crib. They notice his shoulder wound, but Rick states that he's fine. As they pack up, Michonne asks Rick if Morgan is okay. Rick states that Morgan is not okay. Carl gets Morgan's attention, and tells him that he is sorry for shooting him. Morgan tells Carl that he should never be sorry. Rick, Carl, and Michonne load up the vehicle. Rick asks Carl how things went with Michonne. Carl states that he thinks Michonne is one of them, and states that everything went okay. Rick is glad to hear that. Rick stares off into nowhere, and Michonne notices this. Michonne tells Rick that she knows he sees things, but admits that she used to talk to her dead boyfriend. She notes it's bound to happen in this world. Rick asks Michonne if she wants to drive. Michonne states that she would. Rick is glad to hear that, noting that he does see things. The two are finally starting to bond. The three start to drive away, and pass by Morgan as he is burning more walker bodies.


As they drive down the road, they come upon a bloody scene. It's revealed that the hitchhiker was attacked, and eaten by walkers. The orange backpack lays several feet away from them. Michonne stops the car, Carl grabs the backpack, and the episode ends with the three driving back towards the prison.  

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