The Walking Dead

Season 3 Episode 12


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 03, 2013 on AMC

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  • another slow motion episode

    Leaving the hitchhiker behind was the only thing that really happened. When will we get major charater deaths, probably never.
  • Anticlimactic

    Took long enough to bring Morgan back - I've been waiting to see him reappear since Rick left him. And because of how long it was without a thought or word about him, this was an exceedingly anticlimactic throwback. It almost wasn't worth having. Michonne and Carl stole the episode with their little bonding bit - it's the most we've seen from her emotionally, though oddly out of place to have her favor the rainbow cat. I'm going to be disappointed if it doesn't show up again. As for the hitchhiker... the prison group is going to war. They could use all the muscle they can find. Why are they turning away people who could help them? Why is Rick seeking out those who aren't able to help? It'll be interesting to see how it plays out.
  • The hitchhiker.

    Leaving behind the hitchhiker was about making a point (in the story) that such situations lead people to do things they would never have imagined doing.
  • Changing

    I liked the episode except for the fact that they left the hitchhiker behind. I can understand that there is trust issues, why wouldn't there be. But to leave a man behind, any man , weather you know him or not is just cruel. At that point they became no better than the Governor. He has no trouble killing, zombie or human.
  • Clear

    A better episode than most this season, but the problem continues to be with the acting here. For all parties involved, it was just not good enough to pull off one of these moral quandry stories, the show appears hell-bent on giving us.
  • The Hitchhiker

    The tragedy of Rick's group ignoring the hitchhiker was too heavy-handed. I can understand that the prison family (reflecting Rick's paranoia) may be reluctant to trust outsiders. However, if they cannot maintain sufficient human empathy to emerge as an alternative to the Governor's manipulative behavior, the coming battle at the end of the world will just be a brainless street brawl between two gangs of sociopaths. Something I have no interest in watching. So how about bringing Rick and comrades back into the light please?
  • the hitchhiker

    Ok just a couple of words on the hitchhiker. Someone wrote in his review that they are kind of in need of people to defend the prison and are facing up to 30 people (but they don't really know). They learn that the governor is determined to destroy them. Okay. So why the fuck not take the hitchhiker with them? It makes no sense at all. By the second time they see him it was quite clear he was alone and no bait for an ambush etc. He seemed to be unarmed which could easily be checked with weapons out and frisking him. I was only shaking my head, nobody in the car even brought up the issue. Hell, they could have put him in the trunk of the car (why are they driving such a shitty car by the way and not a VW Touareg or similar) and the have him sit in a cell until his motives and psyche are more clear. Stupid. And cold.

    But the best part is: the mysteriously spawning six or so undead at the scene where Michonne gets the car stuck (I lol'd, how about getting to know how to extract your car out of that with driving skill) - if we accept that they are just there, _why_ the heck shoot them. Just push the damn sword in them? I am quite sure they not only passively killed the hitchhiker but they did more actively so. The gunshots attracted all walkers from around a diameter of at least a mile, maybe more. It is not unlikely the reason the poor pal died. But hey, they successfully loot his backpack, like the bandits they became.

    Apart from that, it was a good episode. Hate Andrea, so nice to have a self-contained story including Michonne. Best character in the series, like in the graphic novel.
  • Better than the usual soap opera this show has become

    This show had more going on than the soap opera the series has generally become. Still pretty weak though.
  • The Best Since the Pilot

    I loved to see a bit of a throwback to the pilot of the show, which remains my favourite episode of the series. For once, the story is focussed on only a few characters. Without having to hand lines to a large cast, we get the chance to see each storyline born and complete over the course of one mostly self-contained episode. Michonne, who has largely been a brooding killing machine, receives some great characterisation here, and the bit with the multicolored cat was a wonderful burst of humour from her. Carl gets to be a vulnerable kid again, instead of a (admittedly improved) killing machine. He is still a boy, and the quest for a photo of his mother is both fitting and well handled. As for Duane and Rick, it was a treat to revisit this relationship. The writing is superb all the way through, and unlike some of the other episodes, the dialogue is restrained and effective. The questions it raises within this alt-world, about the guilt over choices made and if there is hope for humanity, are all great and handled with passion. I hope another episode like this is in the pipeline, because it was great.
  • One of the best episodes

    Finally we find out what happened to Morgan and Duane, and as good as it was to see Morgan again, it was extremely sad to find out that Duane wasn't with him. And I can only imagine the pain Morgan must have felt when he saw his son die right infront of him. That's the most horrible things about these apocalypse shows, is just how so many people die, people that mean something to someone. Must of all how helpless you'd feel it a situation like that.

    Hopefully we'll see a bit more of Morgan later on.

    And as for Michonne and Carl, they seem to be getting along. I think Michonne is starting to accept and be accepted by the group, I would want her on my side anyway. She's cool.
  • You Know Me! I Don't Know You!

    The best fighting dialogue ive ever seen, rick and morgan screaming "i dont know you" "you know me".

    i thought rick got stab in the heart for a moment

    Im glad to see michonne get to talk more.
  • Michonne talks to dead boyfriends

    In a rather uncommong episode, The Walking Dead focusses only on Rick, Michonne and Carl as they go back to a home turned into walker trap. While Rick tries, desperately, to reconnect with Morgan, Carl makes an effortless connection to Michonne, bonding over his last family picture and a gift for [his] baby. In a zombie apocalypse that spares neither good nor bad people, a silent hitchhiker waits on the road for someone to take him, Morgan awaits for someone to kill him and Rick for someone to remind him he's still human.

    Ironic for Rick how that somene turns out to be Michonne.
  • A Perfect Episode

    And were back. I was thoroughly disappointed with the last two episodes, but this one was just what the show needed.

    Finally we got to see Michonne say something, and finally we got to see Rick realising he does not want to go bad shit crazy like Morgan. It was strong drama, something the show was lacking since its hiatus. It was also great to get out of the prison and woodbury setting, having a whole episode dedicated to what's happening outside the groups world.

    All in all a perfect 10 episode

  • Poor little bugger

    I thought this episode was infinitesimally better than last week's, even though it took a little hiatus from the brewing war between the prison camp and the Governor. For some reason, taking a break and catching up with the damaged Morgan, getting to Michonne better, and being exposed to some of Carl's vulnerabilities was satisfactorily appreciated. And we are now reassured of Rick's renewed strength as a leader too, so, I, for one, was a happy viewer. Just wished that Rick had been able to convince Morgan to calm down and join their camp, although I knew that wouldn't happen. Poor Morgan; he's strong and ingenious, planting all those traps and gathering all those weapons, surviving so well on his he's lost his whole is he fighting to stay alive for? He could've committed suicide by now, but hasn't, so I do believe Rick was correct when he challenged Morgan that he was actually staying alive for hope of SOMETHING, and that that is the scariest part, to maintain a sliver of hope in spite of it all.

    And I just felt so sorry for the poor little bugger that got eaten by the episode's end. Not that I particularly feel as if it was necessary for Michonne and Rick to stop for him, but still, it just highlights the sadness that has befallen the world. And it's sad how insensitive Carl has had to become to the world, and it makes me think of how tough and jaded from the start Judith is going to grow up to be. No bubbly childhood to be had here.

    I like the development of Michonne's character is quite fascinating, and I'm glad how we can tell at this point that they're gonna be welcoming her into the thought she was great with Carl! He was being pretty stupid, but sweet. Stupid, but sweet. I guess the world needs all the sweetness it can muster at this point.
  • Stupid Rick

    I can't help myself but see how Rick is turning into a big asshole. I don't like it. He used to be the one to honor the morale rules and stuff like that. Lately he just don't feel to be the same man like before. I hate the crazy thing about him. Like when he kicked out that group of people from the prison. He acted like a . Sorry for bad words but it is true.
  • Best episode in a while!

    This unusual style of episode for the walking dead focus's on Rick, Carl and Michonne as they go on a run for more food and ammunition. The run takes them to Rick's home town in which they meet Morgan, the first character rick meet after waking in season 1. It was nice to see what happened to Morgan even if it was a little dark. The insight to the writers perception of a character that found a different path from the same place was interesting. To also see the character progression from the first season is also interesting. We meet Morgan who rick found in the first season and easily trusted and befriended while at the same time we see a hitchhiker they pass without helping who then dies in the course of the comparison is so bluntly shown to us to strongly show the nature of which the experience's rick has been through and has redefined him as a person. Intriguing human nature.
  • Clear

    Clear was a greatepisode of The Walking Dead. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character growth and development. It was awesome to see Michonne get to prove herself. Carl goes on a mission for his baby sister leading to some great scenes. Rick finds more than he was looking for and there were a few interesting plot developments. I liked how everything played out and I look forward to watching what happens next! !!!!!!!!!
  • Best of the entire series. A movie in itself.

    Some may disagree, of course, but man, this was as good as an episode of anything can get.

    First of all, it had a beginning, a middle and an end - and a cyclical end at that. How many episodes can boast that these days?

    Characters: Michone, for the very first time in the series, looked human - and it was great. Karl, on the other hand, looked every bit a child that will inherit the earth plagued by zombies - and IT was great.

    There was a mystery, a man from the past, a quest.

    Motions were not wasted, the goals were clear and the outlook was bleak. Even the only "pathetic" speech of the episode was just fine.

    I know people like the adrenaline rushes, but as far as all-round quality of episodes go - this one hit it out of the ballpark.

    Beautiful intermezzo before we get back to the killin'.

  • A dealbreaker, the show may end here for me

    This episode not only contradicts alot of the behaviour this season, but why I even like the show. I watch it because they were the morally upstanding survivors making tough choices (since shane died, anyway).

    I understand they arent the same people who spent days/weeks looking for a little girl who was long dead, but they were always the good ones. They look after themselves alot more, but they are open to in this. Rick may have shown compassion to Morgan who was clearly insane, but the behaviour with the hitchhiker was cold a cruel. Twice they drove away when he begged for help, twice the guy had hope before he was torn apart.

    They whinged that they dont have the people or the power to beat the Govenor. Another person to their cause couldnt hurt. They took in prisoners and although they were cautious, they provided shelter and the shovels to the others who wandered in and are now at woodberry. But the guy on his own they cruelly drive away from.

    Why even care what happens to them now? I honestly would not be upset to see rick and his son be torn apart, screaming for help like they doomed that other man to. And not caring what happens to them could be why I stop watching.

    You cant show that they still have some compassion by helping prisoners and randoms who wander in, but then that they dont care about the hitch-hiker. Massive contradiction, and it makes the episode terribly done. I was glad to find out about Morgan, but it ruined my view on some of the others, and I hope the Govenor does kill those few at least.

    Hershall and Daryl are the only ones worth watching as they both are interesting and have some compassion, Daryl for the strangers with the baby and Hershall is still very logical, straightforward and a good guy.
  • So happy its back on track

    After a few crappy episodes in a row, the walking dead has produced one of its best yet. I loved finally seeing the other side of Michonne as opposed to just her "Im a distrusting cold badass" side. it was nice to see her, rick and carl accept eachother and im glad shes officially part of the group, cause lets face it, shes almost as badass as deryll so shell come in pretty handy. I couldnt help but think "You BAstards" when they kept leaving the hitchiker behind and then thought it was a little cold that they just pulled over to rob the backpack of his bloody and strewn corpse. i mean, by all means take it, its a zombie apocolypse-the one time robbing a dead body is allowed-but at least show some guilt or sadness that the poor bastard was ripped apart and eaten alive and its partially your fault. Overall, it was a fantastic episode, i cant pretend im not dissapointed that there wasnt more goryness involved, but its not like the episode needed it anyway.

    Well done Walking Dead, youre back in my good books!
  • Teeth of Bullets (Spoilers Ahead)

    The Walking Dead really shone its true post-apocalyptic best this week as we got another mid-season run episode to get more guns for the upcoming showdown with the Governor. Luckily this episode also gave us the more quiet contemplative character development that this show is so thoroughly lacking in many episodes from much of its supporting cast. Rick going back to his hometown and finding Morgan wasn't much of a surprise if you paid attention to the previously on it was the only thing that made sense. But nonetheless exchanging fire and then Carl shooting him before pulling off the helmet didn't take the surprise away from Rick. Rick's loyalty to the man who saved his life was a good gratitude to see play out as Morgan had been stockpiling as if he were a one man army up his nest. Also his whole booby trapping of the entire neighborhood would make me sleep very easy at night with walkers abound. Carl and Michonne head off to get a picture of Laurie at an old cafe and a crib for Judith. It was so refreshing to finally see Michonne open up and just speak beyond the speak when spoken to approach she has largely had this season which was infuriating. The real acting prize for this episode goes to Lennie James, one of my favorite TV actors, who is so far down the road of loss after his son turned that he is an absolute nihilist. What worked so well about this, aside from tying up the "Whatever happened to Morgan and Duane? question was that it showed Rick a mirror of what would happen to him if he went down the road further. Rick may have lost Laurie, but he still has survivors to care for, he has his son, his newborn daughter, and a whole support network of people that count on him. Morgan has a bunch of walkers attacked to spears on a city block, a military grade armory of weapons and ammo, and only himself as company. Lennie James acted the hell out of his scenes and Scott M. Gimple proved himself (as recently announced) as capable of being a show-runner, he was also the writer of such hits as last season's excellent "18 Miles Out" which also featured a character bonding road-trip adventure. Seeing that the Walking Dead still has gas in the tank after three seasons especially after last week's Andrea themed episode, which I admit I was not a fan of, it was nice to take a break from the prison and the Governor overall. Seeing Rick question his own motivations with only Morgan as witness of why he needs to fight the Governor beyond just "he wronged us" and Morgan's poetic message showed what this devastating world does to the "good people" as Morgan sees it. Also Morgan's all too poetic way that Duane died and the irony of his not being able to shoot his wife in the very first episode coming back to haunt him was all too painful to hear about. Morgan blaming Rick for not staying in contact on the radio when he used it was very effective and Rick not being able to accept responsibility to hanging Morgan and Duane out to second fiddle priority while being King of his small group. Both of them started at the same place in this series but could not have been more different in where they are. I knew Morgan wouldn't go with them simply because they already have too many capable killers on their hands and its good to keep the only three dimensional tertiary character alive and functioning. His "don't ever be sorry" to Carl after Carl apologized for shooting him will surely come back to his arc. Seeing Carl and Michonne bond and in action together, even for something as trivial as a picture of Laurie gave me hope because it made Michonne open up. Her bit at the end when loading up the car about having used to hallucinate about her boyfriend to cheer Rick up gave him some measure of solace and she may prove to be one of them after all. Side note: that poor hitchhiker being torn limb from limb and them simply picking up the pack he had was very tragic to see but much less obvious than seeing him as a walker later on in the episode. But now they have more guns. I don't see how Morgan can ever fit into the story again because we now know that he's dangerous and better off on his own and that he "needs to clear" kind of says it all for his arc. But this ranks up there with some of the best the Walking Dead has ever done and I hope that future episodes can take examples from this for larger group development for later this season and into the future. But seeing Scott M. Gimple's writing take fold makes me hopeful that even though Glen Mazzara is stepping down I'm not so worried about the showrunner switcheroo happening again if this is any evidence of where he wants to take the show from next season onward.
  • I saw it comming

    I kinda had a feeling that the guy shooting at them was going to be Morgan because it was never discussed as to what happened to him. I'm glad they finally did though. Overall great episode, that part with the hitchhiker trying to get a ride really threw me, but that's the kinda world is is now. Survival of the fittest and all that