The Walking Dead

Season 3 Episode 12


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 03, 2013 on AMC

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  • the hitchhiker

    Ok just a couple of words on the hitchhiker. Someone wrote in his review that they are kind of in need of people to defend the prison and are facing up to 30 people (but they don't really know). They learn that the governor is determined to destroy them. Okay. So why the fuck not take the hitchhiker with them? It makes no sense at all. By the second time they see him it was quite clear he was alone and no bait for an ambush etc. He seemed to be unarmed which could easily be checked with weapons out and frisking him. I was only shaking my head, nobody in the car even brought up the issue. Hell, they could have put him in the trunk of the car (why are they driving such a shitty car by the way and not a VW Touareg or similar) and the have him sit in a cell until his motives and psyche are more clear. Stupid. And cold.

    But the best part is: the mysteriously spawning six or so undead at the scene where Michonne gets the car stuck (I lol'd, how about getting to know how to extract your car out of that with driving skill) - if we accept that they are just there, _why_ the heck shoot them. Just push the damn sword in them? I am quite sure they not only passively killed the hitchhiker but they did more actively so. The gunshots attracted all walkers from around a diameter of at least a mile, maybe more. It is not unlikely the reason the poor pal died. But hey, they successfully loot his backpack, like the bandits they became.

    Apart from that, it was a good episode. Hate Andrea, so nice to have a self-contained story including Michonne. Best character in the series, like in the graphic novel.
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