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Sunday 9:00 PM on AMC
The Walking Dead returns this Sunday and there has been a significant uptick in the amount of promotional stuff.

One of the best ones I have seen was this prank in New York:

*Den of Geek has an interview with Norman Reedus, where he discusses the evolution of Daryl as well his feeling on the upcoming episodes:

"After four years we’re hitting our A game and we’re just now hitting our stride, so it’s just getting better, I can’t wait for this back eight to show because they’re so good, they’re so, so good, so I’m becoming more of a fan of this show as I’m on it, it’s just getting better and better honestly."

You can read the full interview HERE.

*EW has an article up where Robert Kirkman reveals that the loose threads from the first 8 episodes will be dealt with, including the radio signal Daryl picked up in the car:

"We will absolutely, definitely learn a ton more about that. I think that the first eight episodes of the season probably deserve a rewatch if you’re really invested in what’s coming up. And when it comes time in a couple of years when you watch all of season 4 as a whole there are so many hints and so many little breadcrumbs thrown out that are going to be paid off in the back half of season 4 that people are going to be shocked at the things that they didn’t notice. There are so many little things that are unresolved and are going to be picked up and addressed in these last eight episodes and that recording is definitely chief among them but there’s a lot of stuff we’re going to be dealing with."

He also discusses Carol, the rats at the fence, splitting the group, new characters (he is cagey about this subject) and the first new episode (which seems to be Michonne centric)

You can read the full article HERE

*I didn't understand why Kirkman was so cagey about those new characters (its been months since Michael Cudlitz on set pics turned up).

If you are interested in what new characters will be turning up, the New York Post has some brief bio's of the characters and their actors. If you want to know then CLICK HERE, if not, just skip this part.

*The entire cast were on Conan on Thursday night and he decided to honor them by making the opening scene significantly more TWD friendly. Unfortunately I can't embed the video (it region blocked on Youtube and the original embed from the team coco website doesn't work here), but if you want to see it, just CLICK HERE.
**A version that could be embeded became available:

*Instead of that funny Walking Dead related video, you can watch this funny Walking Dead video:

*There was a Walking Dead panel at the TV Academy, there were no revelations or shocks and the cast and crew spent a lot of time talking about their favorite parts of the season so far. However, EP and director, Greg Nicotero added:

"“You get a sweeping sense of the world again, and our characters are thrust back in it,”

You can read more at Deadline.

In case anyone was wondering "Would Grumpyclown like a gift?", the answer is "YES! I LOVE PRESENTS!!"

Here are some acceptable TWD themed goodies:

(via ThinkGeek)

(via Amazon.com)

*Here's some TWD art:

*I posted this earlier, (because it would make this post too long), but too see some more cool Walking Dead art CLICK HERE

*I'm sure you've wondered what would happen if the virus crossed species? Here is a possible answer = ZOMBEAVERS!

Here is a 4 minute catch up for the 4 seasons (well 3 1/2) so far:

And to finish off, here is an extended promo with lots of tiny clips mixed in:
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