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The Governor is not the only one in the list of Bad boys The Walking Dead has come up with, long before Brian won Lily's heart and became a surrogate father for their little girl (and surrogate brother for her own sister), a so called Sheriff's best friend was doing the same thing with Lori & Carl.

It wasn't hard to see what Lori saw in Shane, more responsive than her husband, his passionate nature and nurturing temper balanced hers as much as it clashed with Rick's. And, despite a short affair with Andrea, Shane would rather die than to lose Lori or Carl, which ultimately he did.

Not all the bad boys are quick-tempered on the show, some are devoted widowers that channel their passion towards the greater good, like Dr. Jenner did in the name of subject 19, a scientist so committed to find a cure that recorded her own transformation hoping that her husband could find it for them.

Some bad boys are former little boys that no one bothered to look for back when they got lost, that can deal with anything but emotional contact, and can surprise almost any woman they are in contact with, from Carol (back when Daryl searched for Sophia) to Michonne back when Merle would rather confront the Governor than bring her to him.


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Dec 03, 2013
It's interesting that you included Dr. Jenner as a "bad boy." What made him bad in your opinion?
Dec 07, 2013
I feel the Doc was one of the most humane characters I've ever seen, yet Jenner was also the single most dangerous thing they have ever faced.

His solution was the most logical after the world failed to find a cure, there was no shame in it because they never gave up trying and the beauty of a painless end was such a seductive idea for there was no cruelty in it.
Dec 08, 2013
Good points! In retrospect...Jenner should have been up front with the group when he let them into the CDC so they would have a choice.
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