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Sunday 9:00 PM on AMC
"You're going to be the last man standing, you are. And you're gonna miss me so bad when I'm gone Daryl Dixon"

Daryl and Beth take over from Rick & Michonne trying to depict the world through very different perspectives: the survivor that just knows its a matter of time before he sees everyone he has ever known die on him, and the dead girl walking, all the more clever perhaps because the character should be dead already (both on the show as well as the source material).

Unlike Michonne, Beth doesn't wield a katana. Unlike Rick, Daryl doesn't even have a son. Unlike Zack, Beth's optimistic view is upseting Daryl. Unlike Maggie, Daryl's brand of tough love is particularly hard on Beth. Going through a country club filled with corpses of people that couldn't let go of their stuff, Daryl and Beth start letting go of theirs.

Tomorrow, he'll be the last man standing. Tomorrow, she'll be the dead girl. Tonight they share her first drink and makeshift his first bonfire. Tonight they are who they are right now, rather than who they were.


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