A The Walking Dead Community
Sunday 9:00 PM on AMC
Its no secret The Walking Dead works where other of its genre don't. Oddly enough, the show doesn't rely on hot vampires (The Originals), love triangles (The Vampire Diaries) or almost any other resource available (Dracula, Grimm, Teen Wolf, etc.) to win its audience yet, oddly enough, it doesn't rely on great writing either.

So, what is the secret? The Walking Dead does something TV just doesn't do anymore: to engage its audience.

The Walking Dead gives its audience a piece of info that Carl lacks and it has us - or, at least me - yelling at our screens: "Judith is still alive!!!". It gives Glenn a scientist and it has us yelling at those home invaders: "There is a cure! Stop this madness!!!". It gives us Rick trying to survive them and it has me, despite all the anger I feel towards him, yelling at my screen: "Stay alive! Carol is with Tyreese!!!"

This show makes me complicit in the characters's lives, forcing me to engage as it wins momentum, not only because of the action sequences, but because of what I know that these characters don't and what I'd wish to tell them, if only I could.


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