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I love The Walking Dead, it is one of my favorite shows alongside Doctor Who, Stargate (all 3) and Game of Thrones. That being said I am extremely disappointed in this half of the season. I cannot believe I am saying this but I feel like Revolution has more of a direction than this half of TWD season 4.

With Revolution this season we know what the ultimate goal is for the cast members. Myles and Team Always Get Captured are out to stop the patriots, Neville want's to free his wife, and Aaron is doing whatever is going on with the God/Nanites. There is a clear purpose to these characters and yes, Revolution has its flaws, but the journey these characters are taking in this intriguing universe is enough to keep me tuning in despite those major flaws.

I feel like The Walking Dead has lost it's way and wont find it until season 5. It doesn't seem like there is a point to the show anymore. Yes, I know everyone is going to meet up at The Tower or Trenzalore ... I mean Terminus but the journey getting there is extremely lackluster. To me it feels like the show has lost its charm.

Yes I know that the Glen section of this half seasons storyline introduced Eugene the guy who supposedly knows what caused the Walkers but frankly it's not enough. That little bit of direction the show introduced does not matter when everyone else is just finding food, talking about their lives before the apocalypse or wandering the woods and that story just gets dropped for an episode or two.

Comparing Revolution and The Walking Dead may seem like an insane idea but really I am more interested in finding out of Aaron lets the Nanites die than I am interested watching the journey for the separated survivors getting to terminus. I would love the journey if it wasn't just random walking through woods. Even when we get an episode of Revolution where we just see our characters wandering around there is a ultimately a goal you know they are trying to accomplish, The Walking Dead... it's just resorting to the same old, same old "find food, talk about the past, kill zombies."

The Walking Dead used to be the only show that could make me put down my phone, tell everyone to shutup and not make a sound and watch it straight through without any distractions. Now most of the time I find myself so disinterested with what is going on I have to rewind after I find myself checking my emails.

Season 4 started off amazing, I loved the direction they were going with the flu/virus thing and then all of a sudden the governor came back hijacking that compelling story and now we are being treated to something similar to the first part of Once Upon a Time's 3rd season. Im all for surviving and character development but if all we are going to get is 9 episodes with the main characters running around in the same woods just talking and not accomplishing anything....Im going to loose interest.

Again, I LOVE this show but I am just not feeling the excitement for it each week anymore and I don't think I will until we get back to exploring the ruins of the world. When was the last time we seen something other than the woods, a rundown street or a small building with a lot of walkers in it. Kirkman promised us a bigger world to explore but all we've gotten thus far is a golf club, the woods and a street....not exactly what the show once was. Even revolution occasionally shows us ruined cities. I miss that aspect about The Walking Dead.

I know this is a poorly written post but it was mostly me venting my frustrations about the show.
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