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... Frank Darabont brought The Walking Dead to life for AMC in 2010. It became the network's biggest hit. Then AMC fired him. Now Darabont is finally talking about the situation. Basically he hates AMC. "It was a very, very deep and loving family, the cast and the crew, and to have that torn apart was—when somebody throws a hand grenade into that situation, it's tremendously emotionally trying. So would I want to watch another episode of The Walking Dead after that? Are you f*cking kidding me? No, you put that traumatic disappointment behind you and move on with your life." Well, okay then! [Rolling Stone]


... The Miami Heat's second-best player and worst name-speller Dwyane Wade might get a sitcom based on his life. Really? Fox is developing Three the Hard Way, which is based on A Father First, Wade's book about raising his two kids. The series would center on Daryl Wade (clever!), a pro hoopster who raises his two children with the help of his eccentric entourage. Wade's show will likely start off great but end up being overshadowed by Lebron James', though James' show will struggle during finales while Wade's will be fine. Meanwhile, Chris Bosh will cry during pitch meetings. Also, screw the Heat. [Deadline Hollywood

... USA has canceled Necessary Roughness which I thought had already been canceled. So that makes it a good-news-bad-news situation, right? [TV Line]

... Meredith Steihm—who used to be considered one of Homeland's better writers but left the series to start up The Bridge on FX—is now leaving The Bridge to go back to Homeland. Apparently she and The Bridge co-showrunner Elwood Reid couldn't agree on a direction for Season 2, and now she's returning to Showtime's troubled-yet-watched drama. This is bonkers. [THR]

... WHO CARES ABOUT EVERYTHING ELSE? Monty Python is reuniting for stage shows!!! Well, the members who are still alive, at least. Please God of Everything make this available on television and not just in selfish England. [The Independent]

... The CW is developing a drama about a CIA agent who goes undercover to infiltrate a sleeper cell at a prestigious New York university. Let me check the Twitter archive... ahh, here we go: "The CW's new terrorist drama will be like a more serious Homeland." [Deadline]

... MTV has gone ahead and ordered 10 more episodes of Awkward. Season 4, even though it hasn't started filming yet. That will bring the episode count four Season 4 to a total of 20. It will also be the first season without creator Lauren Iungerich, who left after Season 3 (which is currently airing). [Deadline Hollywood]

... Face Off will return for what seems like its 1,058th season but is actually its sixth on January 14 at 9pm on Syfy. [Syfy via press release]

... Toronto mayor Rob Ford is having a bad week. First of all, he hasn't smoked crack in like eight days. And second, he had a reality show that was more like a talk show called Ford Nation on Canada's Sun News Network, and it was canceled after one episode. [Variety]

... The second episode of Almost Human dropped a little more in the ratings than Fox would have liked. One day after a special premiere on Sunday, Monday's second episode slipped a bit, drawing 6.6 million viewers (down from 9.1 million viewers) and a 2.2 rating among 18-49ers (down from a 3.1 rating). That's a big drop for a second episode... especially only a day after the premiere. [EW]


... Back to the Future reunion! Christopher Lloyd will guest-star on NBC's The Michael J. Fox Show, according to Michael J. Fox. Lloyd will play the principal of the school where Mike's wife Annie (Betsy Brandt) teaches. They'll be mean to each other. [THR]

... Patton Oswalt, also known as the Parks and Reacreation's Star Wars fillibusterer, Ratatouille's Remy, the voice of The Goldbergs' Old Adam Goldberg, and Justified's Constable Bob, will host the 2014 Spirit Awards. The ceremony will air March 1 on IFC. [Variety]

... Howard Stern will be back for another season of America's Got Talent, where he judges various Americans who've got various talents. [People]

... Arrow has cast Spartacus's Katrina Law as Ra's al Ghul's daughter Nyssa al Ghul and what? I thought this show was in English. This is probably a big development for the show, so you should probably be excited! Sorry, the only comic I read is The Family Circus. [TV Guide]

... Clark Gregg (S.H.I.E.L.D.) and Sasha Alexander (Rizzoli & Isles) will announce the nominees for the SAG Awards on December 11, and they'll be webcast on Cancel all the other plans you had for that day! [TNT via press release]

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