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It's easy to forget there were female characters other than Rick's wife. For a long time, his entire world reduced to Lori Grimes and, if it weren't because of what happened to Sophia, we might not even noticed Carol existed. So, as weird as it may seem to watch Rick cry out for Carol, the trailer fits two characters who've known each other since they were regular spouses raising their respective children.

Half-sisters Maggie and Beth don't have many opportunities to share screen time. Having lost her mother at the barn, the youngest one spends more time with fellow motherless Carl & Judith, and the older one with her boyfriend Glenn. But they worried sick they few times they have been separated from one another, and love their father as much as he loves them.

Tyreese's sister survived the zombie apocalypse with her moral compass intact, she has never been afraid to say what was what: to Rick, to the Governor, to her own brother at times. She had more in common with Karen than Andrea by the season finale, but that didn't stop her from feeling bad when the lawyer died.

Andrea went through a lot what with Amy, Dale, Haley, Shane or Milton, on top of her own demise, but her friendship to Michonne wasn't necessarily bad. A strong character in her own right, Michonne quickly bonded with her and, later on, to the community Andrea left behind. Made me believe they could still be friends today if it weren't because one of them died.


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