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She collects zombies like any other girl would collect Monster High Dolls, she can't bring herself to put a knife in her father's brain any more than Daryl was able to put a knife in his brother's, she can save Glenn from a walker one minute and play with his blood the next.

We met Lizzie and her sister Mica naming walkers at the fence, ironic how one of the kids that had a name became a nameless walker when Patrick fell victim of the flu.

Unlike Carl, she's not a small adult waiting for her parent to hand her a weapon. Unlike Mica, she's not good at pretending everything is okay. Unlike Sophia, she's not allowed to call Carol mom (despite "Indifference" established she & Mika are seen as her children). Unlike Judith, she still remembers what it was like before zombies were walking about. Unlike Patrick and Penny (the Governor's daughter), she is still herself.

Lizzie can grow up to become a person or she could die to become a walker, as long as she's still something, she doesn't care.


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