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... Lisa Kudrow has joined ABC's Scandal in a recurring capacity for Season 3. The Friends star and Mad About You scene-stealer (what? Mad About You is seriously under-appreciated these days!) will play ... well, we don't know because Shonda Rhimes doesn't want us to know. But we can tell you that she's going to be a politician. Here's hoping she went to the Selina Meyer School of Politics, and not some super boring serious politician school. [Deadline Hollywood]


... FX has ordered a drama pilot starring Paul Giamatti. Hoke, written and produced by Justified's Scott Frank, is based on Charles Willeford's Hoke Moseley novels. It's set in Miami in the '80s and Giamatti plays the titular homicide detective who might just be a tiny bit off his rocker. Looks like it fits the FX Equation for Success: At Least One Recognizable Face + Dark Comedy + Some Sort of Crime Being Committed By Someone Who May or May Not Be the Lead = Success! Count me in! Patton Oswalt is in, too! [Deadline Hollywood]

... Valerie Harper, who was given three months to live after being diagnosed with brain cancer earlier this year, isn't letting the cancer get the best of her. She's tapping her inner Walter White and she's making the most of her time. No, she's not making meth—geez, guys, that's not what normal people do when diagnosed with cancer—she's joining Dancing With the Stars! I really want to make a joke here, but I do have a heart, guys. You go Valerie Harper, you go and you dance like everybody's watching. Because we will be. [TMZ]

... Andrew Lincoln of The Walking Dead does not watch the series because he claims he doesn't really like looking at himself. How does he shave? How does he tie a tie? How does he do anything? You know what, never mind—that's fine, Andrew. We'll gladly stare at your face 24 hours a day. We'll set up a Face Watch Wheel and take turns. You'll never have to look at yourself again. [EW]

... There's going to be a Luther movie! But if you don't want to be spoiled, don't click the link or read anything else about it until after Season 3 airs here in the States (set your DVRs for September 3 at 10 pm on BBC America). Because oh boy, I did and I regret it more than that one time I thought Zumba looked like fun. [Daily Mail]

... Attention all four people who watch Breaking Amish: LA! TLC has ordered two more one-hour episodes of the series. They're set to air back-to-back on Sunday, September 29 at 9pm, and will serve as a season finale. The second hour will be a reunion show, hosted by NBC's Michelle Beadle. [TLC via press release]

... Disney XD has renewed Crash & Bernstein, a live-action comedy about a boy and his puppet (not a euphemism), for a second season, set to premiere October 7 at 7:30pm. [Disney via press release]


... Suits is in the middle of its summer half-season, but when the series returns this winter, you might recognize a familiar face in the mid-season premiere. Michael Phelps, bazillion-time Olympic medal winner, is guest-starring as himself when Scottie (Abigail Spencer) tries to land him as a client. Word on the street is Phelps is the one sports client Harvey could never close. Side note: If you follow series star Patrick J. Adams on Instagram, you already know that this is not the first time Phelps has visited the set. [EW]

... Mekhi Phifer has joined Showtime's House of Lies as Dre, a successful business mogul, in what I am sure is yet another targeted attempt by the higher ups to get me to watch the series. But no, I will not fall for your trickery again! Fool me once with promises of Kristen Bell, shame on me. Fool me twice, ain't gonna happen because that show is awful. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Walter Bishop is in the house! Ahem, sorry. John Noble is returning to The Good Wife in Season 5. But how? Isn't he dead? Yep! Noble's Matthew Ashbaugh was murdered in Season 4 and he appeared mostly through flashbacks in his episode, so how exactly does he return? Is he a ghost? Is this an entire flashback episode? All good questions. None of which I have the answer to. Sorry! [TV Guide]

... There's about to be one less good-looking brunette for Rayna to make out with in Nashville, and one more person to keep track of in Westeros. Michiel Huisman has joined HBO's Game of Thrones for Season 4. Place your bets in the comments about who he's playing because we've pretty much given up on keeping track of anyone at this point. [TV Line]


Are you feeling really good about yourself today? Because you won't be once you read this next sentence. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers turned 20 today. Good luck not feeling really bad about how old you are. [Time]

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