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Sunday 9:00 PM on AMC
Way back in December when The Walking Dead's mid-season finale aired it and they announced a February 9, 2014 return I think the nation's collective jaws hit the floor. "How are we going to wait that long for The Walking Dead to return?!" This is what I imagine millions were screaming at their televisions, at least I know I was. However distant it seemed at the time, TWD's return is finally upon us. In a little over 24 hours Rick Grimes and the rest of his rag-tag crew will be back on our television screens, Scott Gimple will be able to continue to prove his place as show-runner, and we'll all finally get to find out whether Judith is alive or not (I'm leaning towards not, but we shall see).

On this the eve of the second half of Season 4, I'm recalling the events of the first portion, and anxiously attempting to predict how these final 7 episodes will play out. So, to avoid talking to myself lets discuss! What do you think the final 7 episodes of Season 4 hold? WIll Carol return?! (I hope so!) Will the group stay separated for long? (I doubt it) Which characters won't make it? (I'm feeling Glenn or Maggie, but I"m hoping I'm wrong) What do you think of Abraham, Rosita and Eugene joining the team? (I'm so excited I'm can't express it words only obnoxious noises).
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