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From The Wrap, 'The Walking Dead': 7 Characters We Lost... Who Came Back.

Wow. Zombie Sophia still makes me hurt.
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Nov 07, 2013
I am SO glad they never showed us Zombie Lori, and I HOPE they never do!

Heartwrenching to see Sophia and Amy! I still remember Amy as this was one of the deaths where I realized that they would kill ANYONE, no matter how heart wrenching, remember how devestating it was for Andrea.

Shane, seeing him before and after is symbolic of not just changing from human to zombie, but his deterioration as a person. He was never the same after he left that one guy to die, caused his death.
Nov 04, 2013
Shane was such an a-hole, they've actually killed him 3 times. (first death by rick, 2nd zombie death by carl, then third halucinated death in woodbury by Rick again) Zombie Lori shouldn't count as it never made the show and totally takes away from the scene where Carl shoots her to insure that never happens, Zombie Milton and Zombie Randall, meh.. who cares... Zombie Amy, we never really got to know her so that lacked a lot of emotional response.. But Zombie Sophia and Zombie Merle?
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