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It began as the intimate tale of a father coming home, a man that met a delivery boy, and the boy introduced him to a sister (Andrea), to a husband (Morales), a brother (Merle), a daughter (Jacqui) and a son (T-Dog) that just so happened to lead Rick Grimes back to his own family.

They lost a brother on their way home, which re-defined Daryl Dixon as well as Glenn and T-Dog. Before they could rescue Merle, tragedy would strike Andrea, Carol and Sophia changing the roles they held onto. Before long, they would also lose a father figure, after Dale's last effort to keep them true.

Only the cop's family suffered no loss, only his son survived where others did not, only Rick's character remained unaware of the changes Hershel, Beth and Otis experienced first hand, and the changes that led Milton, Michonne and the Governor to the dark corners the audience found them.

It took the death of his wife for Rick to become a piece of a broken family, just like Carol was a piece of a broken home, Carl a piece of a broken childhood and they all just pieces in a broken world.


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