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As the camera panned out, with the prison slowly creeping to the background, a familiar image came into focus. With his conservative hair, still magnificently tamed, and the slightest glimpse of the patch covering up his right eye, "Internment" faded to black with millions of jaws on the floor: The Governor has returned. I say jaws on the floor, because if you're like me than you were thinking, "Great. He's back. How quickly can he die?" This isn't to say that I'm not extremely excited about his return. I'm uber pumped to see my favorite TWD villain return to continue wrecking havoc. I like the Governor, and I like what the show has done with his character versus how he's portrayed in the comic. David Morrissey is fantastic. I want Michonne to exact revenge and get closure, and I am interested to see how this will effect the group considering they've just gone through so much - death in different forms - and the prison yard's fence finally giving way. If bad things come in three than of course this is the prime time for the Governor to pop out of the shadows. I just hope that the aforementioned isn't dragged out throughout the rest of the season. I'm going out on a limb here, but I have every faith in Scott Gimple's vision - even "filler" episodes this season have been fantastic IMO - so I think that the Governor's return is very calculated and concise.

If I had to guess, and of course I have to guess, I think that the Governor has been watching and waiting very patiently and carefully for the perfect time to strike. He would've seen them burning the bodies of those that fell victim to the virus that swept through the prison, he would've seen the walls come down (he might've even played a role in luring the Walkers to the fence!), and he knows the group is the weakest it has been in a long time. Is he alone? Does he still have loyal followers that will march with him to attack the prison? I don't know but I'm excited to find out. I'm also excited to see how the Governor's return, the horde that Daryl and crew ran into, and Rick and Carl's gunshots to clear the prison yard will come into play. If things are as silent as they seem to be (in terms of other people nearby) those gunshots will most certainly draw the horde's attention. The horde was already going in that direction, this just assures that it will stay on track. Could the Governor be behind the horde? It's possible. So many possibilities! What do you think the Governor is up to? Are you glad he's back? How will his return effect the group at the prison? Is the Governor responsible for some of the issues everyone is encountering at the prison? Is the Governor Lone wolfing it, or does he still have followers? Is Michonne losing her edge since the "trail ran cold," or is the Governor that good? Lets discuss…..