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"Live Bait" was a very different episode for TWD. I very much like that it strayed from norm, and I was very interested to see what the Gov'nah had been up to, don't get me wrong, but I have some issues with this episode, which is the first time that I've been able to say that this season, so I guess that's a positive. Throughout the entire episode I felt as if the writers/directors wanted the audience to empathize with Phillip, oh wait I"m sorry "Brian." The end of the last episode was so ominous and I had so many devilish theories for what Phillip had been up to, his plotting and scheming to get back at Rick and crew. Not only do I feel let down in that regard, but then the fact that I'm feeling as if I'm supposed to feel bad for dictator Governor, President of Woodbury I just …. I just don't know. I'm now invested in what happens to Phillip/Brian's makeshift family, so thanks for that amazing TWD writers. I have lots of "feelings" about "Live Bait" many of them extremely mixed. So how about y'all? What are your feelings on the highly anticipated, maybe under impressive, definitely not what I expected return of the Governor?
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