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Sunday 9:00 PM on AMC (Returning October 11 2015)
What you can't see can kill you, Patrick learned that first hand when a sneaky disease took his life in the season premiere. Dr. Jenner warned them: it doesn't matter if they die of natural causes or get bitten. In the end, they all turn.

There's no use to keep the walkers out if an epidemic could create even more walkers inside. Shane and Rick came across several places that were overrun from within, Andrea and Daryl saw several walkers that opted out in a way that didn't prevent them to come back to kill more people. A roof collapsed above them, filled with victims of a crash that probably got bitten by those that died on impact.

Attachment, in this show, kills quicker than zombies. People who knew Patrick are more likely to run towards him than away from him once he turns, Hershel kept feeding his wife and stepson, just like the woman Rick found on the season premiere, Morgan lost it because he couldn't protect his son from his wife, and the Governor because someone slain the corpse of his zombie daughter.


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