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He tells Carol she endangers the group, then gives her half the food endangering the very group Rick gathered it for. He tells Carol he doesn't want her with his children, but Rick wants to keep her children with him. Rick tells her he doesn't want to see her again, but ends the episode looking back at the rearview mirror, hoping he could see her again.

It took me a week, but I've finally made up my mind: Rick sends Carol away, so that Tyreese wouldn't kill her off.

Like Lori with the pancakes, Rick wanted them to be the kind of family that didn't have to teach their children to use knives, to punish a son because he shot someone in cold blood, or banish a mother because she euthanized two Woodburites.

Thus, the same Rick that killed Shane - and almost killed Randall - goes on a last run with Carol, takes a moment to reflect on the wife and daughter they no longer mention, and gives her the first argument Lori was waiting from him for as long as they were married.


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