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There is a podcast which I like a lot, "The Walking Dead 'Cast" with Jason and Karen. Nice to listen to, funny, good dialogue, mostly positive critics. From the podcast I kind of stole their theory that the style of the episode "After" could be similar to the pilot. Or better a way back to the root of the show. "After" may have been a homage to the episode that gave The Walking Dead “eternal life”. As funny as that sounds, if we pay attention there are similarities. I watched the pilot again and these are my conclusions:

Few characters, slow, little dialogue (arrrrrrrrrrr doesn’t count), one or two monologues (Carl talking to the walls, because his father was not listening), close and scare encounters with the zombies, defenseless moments (even if Carl pretends to play it cool), darkness, solitude, desperation and small happiness.


In the pilot Rick wakes up all alone, use time to try to comprehend the situation, walks limping in the corridors of the hospital exactly as he does behind Carl in "After."

He finds his way out, and after an alternative actions of coincidences, he ends up hidden with Morgan and his son Duane in a house/flat where they barricade themselves. The writing on the door after Carl surrenders his shoe could be homage to the writing on the huge doors in the pilot where thousands of zombies were trapped.

And we should just make clear, it has nothing to do with this one writing on the wall:

Rick has to fight against a lot of zombies when he arrives with his horse to Atlanta. Michonne has to chop down all the zombies around her. According to Karen from the podcast, Michonne was supposed to kill about 15 more or less, but when they were filming she kept on slicing zombies and they let her go until no one was standing up anymore. Michonne killed 23 Z in about 38 seconds! I timed it. It must be a record!

So the main point I was trying to get to here is that The
Walking Dead
may go back to the simple and dark style of the first season where zombies were dangerous and people were scared. If that were to happen, I will welcome this very much because it is the way the story was told in the first season that got me infected to keep on watching The Walking Dead.

So what do people think about this theory? Am I Nuts?
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