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It's not hard to pinpoint exactly why the "Inmates" episode worked better for me. As Bob pointed out, the characters didn't survive just to keep on surviving.

Nothing against Michonne and the Grimes, but its things like Maggie looking for Glenn, Tara hanging on to the only living person in that prison, or Mika being afraid to die because Lizzie is as strong as Tyreese (which means her odds are as bad as Sasha's) its what make these characters feel alive to me.

Of course there's also the thrilling introductions - the three characters that saved Tara from the horde that wanted to eat Glenn - and a most welcomed reunion, as Carol and Judith defy, not only the odds, but Rick statement that he wouldn't have them together even if everybody else died on that prison.

The stakes are higher because of it: Tyreese can still retaliate against Carol, Lizzie can still get rid of Judith next time her cries threaten their safety, the girls can still not make it, even with two adults to protect them.

And yet this episode is not only about the joy of living, Beth's grief and Daryl's exhaustion are part of more than just surviving too. Even if it means to mourn what's lost rather than to move on like it never existed, or to honor it still exists somehow, somewhere, like Bob and Sasha do once they choose to help Maggie find Glenn.

In a world ruled by the dead, the living don't survive to keep on surviving. They struggle with loss, they reunite with their loved ones and generate even more loved ones to miss or reunite with. Just like Mika did with Carol, Maggie did with Glenn, Glenn is doing with Tara or Tara with three new people at the end.

Because survival is not enough, is that these characters keep on living.


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