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Just look at the flowers and we'll count 1, 2, 3. Is it working? "The Grove" gave us a glimpse at the pretty flowers, a vision of a nucler family, the sanctuary in which three little girls and two adults may have had the chance to heal...in any world but their own.

For Tyreese, the pretty flowers were this chance to rest at a home, to watch Mika & Judith playing or Carol teaching Lizzie how to cook, not ready to think about his sister, to dream about his girlfriend or get to know other people but the ones he already trusts.

For Mika, the pretty flowers were a doll and a deer, to spend the last days of her life sorrounded by the people she cared about, to remember her mother and how she used to say "Everything works out the way its supposed to". She isn't weak, she just can't kill the living. And killing the dead is what spared her executioner.

For Lizzie, the pretty flowers were actual flowers; flowers she forced herself to watch whenever her family killed one of her friends, the flowers she wanted to gather for her sister and the last flowers she ever saw, for she had already changed into something that couldn't be around people.

For Carol, there were no pretty flowers, just things that needed to be done; a book to finish, a deer to shot, a hug to return, a little girl to bury and one she has to shot. A man that just forgave her and a nightmare she has to protect a baby from.

Shooting Lizzie, in itself, is a lesson. To look at the flowers the only code they have to deal with something that is very wrong, to understand that what she did was very wrong. And what makes it all the more difficult to watch is that, even in the end, Lizzie is loved, just like Mika was, just like Carol is, just like Karen & David were.

There are no easy answers, just flowers to look at in order to go on. So look at the pretty flowers and tell me if it works.


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