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You now what's scarier than a grumpy muscular lady with a katana? A grumpy muscular lady with a katana ON A HORSE! The Photoshop department at AMC has slapped together a poster for The Walking Dead's fourth season in anticipation of Comic-Con, and Michonne is riding a horse.

So hey look at this poster! (Click on it to open a new tab with the full-resolution image.)

Rick's there with his revolver, Daryl's there with his crossbow, and Tyreese is wielding his hammer like he's Black Thor from the hardware store. Everyone looks entirely badass! But there's no way Michonne and Tyreese are getting out of the predicaments the appear to have found themselves in. Hey Michonne, instead of posing for the camera like you're George frickin' Washington, why not hack off some of the zombie arms that are tearing into your ankles? And Tyreese, maybe a hammer isn't the best weapon to bring to a zombie fight? Just my two cents.

Which brings us to the following very important poll:


The Walking Dead returns this October on AMC.

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