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The undead must HATE October. Every year since 2010, the tenth month of the calendar year rolls around and BAM people are trying to kill them. That won't change again this year, so tell your dead great-grandmother to stay dead because she will not like what she sees if she crawls out of the ground.

That was just a long way of saying that AMC has put a premiere date on the fourth season of The Walking Dead. And it's...

October 13. 9pm. On AMC.

As per usual for the series, the season will be split into two parts. Eight episodes will air in the fall then it's break time to let the zombies recoup, then eight more episodes starting in February. The fourth season brings with it the series' third showrunner, Scott M. Gimple, who takes over for the departing Glen Mazzara.

Oh and I suppose you also want to see that trailer. Here you go!

I'll be sitting with the cast and producers later today, so look for highlights from that session on the site later this evening. 

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