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So by the end of season 4 with the scarlet letter "A", who do you think is the strongest or weakest among the survivors? When I say strongest, I am talking about survival ability and not who will actually survive. We all have seen that being the best at surviving might not stop the writers from sending a zombie to chew you up. Here is my list:

1. Carol- Can't believe I gave her to top spot. Two seasons ago, I had her written off but dang has she got a grasp on the world like no other. What put her over the top is that she was alone in the wilds longer than anyone else and seemed to have done just fine. She knows how to make the hard choices. I don't think Rick, Daryl, Michonne or even Carl could put Lizzie down the way it had to be done.

2. Rick- If I was basing this as an average, I couldn't put Rick this high due to his farming and being beat down by the Gov but this is about where we find them by the end of the season and Rick showed why he is willing to survive. When he took that throat bite...dang...still shocks me a little. Rick also shown in the second half of the season that he thinks on his feet very well when he was just trying to get out of that house.

3. Daryl/Michonne- it's a tie. I really can't decide because in my opinion they both have slipped up a little in their survival ability. While I love the Daryl and Beth adventures...it made Daryl put his guard down in crucial times like opening the door without checking...very sloppy.

1. Maggie- Normally she would be high but the narrow minded way she went after Glenn was very very dangerous. Just ditching on her small group was not wise. Yes, it was all romantic that she wanted to find Glenn but she was lucky they didn't end up surrounded by a couple of hundred Walkers at times.

2. Tyreese- I like Tyreese but his only skill is that hammer and brute strength. His only other skill is leaving little kids alone at the worst possible times.

3. Glenn- Same issues like Maggie, very focused but not on surviving. Unlike Maggie, he got hooked up with some others that seemed to be a little more able to work as a team. But his solution to the tunnel problem brought him low in the rankings.

Some may note that I didn't have Beth or Carl on the list. They fall in the middle. Next to Carol, Beth might be the character that has grown the most from early season 3 to the end of 4. She's more focused, skilled and has a bit of "I-don't-give-damn" that one needs to survive. If she could get a hold of a decent signature weapon, she might move up more. She also knows her limits which can actually help in surviving. Beth isn't going to take on 10 Walkers at once like Michonne or Maggie, she'll retreat and figure something else out.

Carl has grown in some ways. He can kill, we've seen that but now he is starting to realize his own limits like Beth and that's a good thing.

Anyway, that's my views....how about you?
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