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5) Anything you can do, he can do better.
The hallmark of a great villian is not to enjoy evil - to act insane or to stir up trouble - but to actually outsmart the leading man. And Brian outwit Rick in a way no other character ever could.

What made Brian dangerous wasn't the fact he's a natural leader, but a more decisive one than Rick. It wasn't the fact Brian formed connections, but the fact he wasn't afraid of them. It wasn't the fact he was a father, but how devoted he was to his children.

4) He's not afraid to reinvent himself.
Where it took Carol for Rick to realize he can't be just a farmer anymore, the Governor knew long before Meghan he could be a leader as well as a father, long before Martinez he could be a leader as well as a murderer, long before Milton he could be judge as well as executioner.

The Governor could navigate through these roles as easily as he could be comfortable in his own skin, where Rick was conflicted Brian grew determined, where Rick was hesitant Brian was not, where Rick left Carol, Brian embraced Meghan and Lily.

3) He can come back from the things he has done.
The biggest fear in a zombie apocalypse is that, the very things you do to survive, are the things that detach you from the rest of mankind, but The Governor went from losing his daughter to fathering Meghan, from killing Milton to mentor Tara, from what he did to Andrea to what he did for Lily.

He went from a man that refused to let go of his first born, to the surrogate father that was able to spare his youngest daughter from the same fate.

2) He never gives up.
Its not how many times you fall down, but how many times you are willing to rise afterwards. And The Governor rose as many times as he fell, without using phones to talk to his dead wife, without alienating himself from his children. Who knows how many times he would've made it again if it weren't for Michonne.

1) He hits you where it hurts the most.
He's not going to scold Merle because of his brother: he's going to make him fight his brother to death. He's not going to demand Milton to kill his best friend: he's going to shot him in the gut, knowing as he bleed out that he was only going turn to kill Andrea himself. He wasn't going to tell Rick he's a better leader, he showed him in the most brutal and painful way as possible.

So, which are your top 5 reasons why The Governor is scarier than zombies? Are you okay with the way he was defeated? Was it a fluke? Should he have survived last season? Does he really deserve to be the Best Villain 2013?


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