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Sunday 9:00 PM on AMC (Returning October 11 2015)
Regardless how their love affair went down on the comics, the TV show made their story decisively more complex: Carol has just been revealed as the one who burned Karen & David's bodies, Tyreese has just demanded Rick to bring the culprit to him, Rick has just figured out how difficult said task may be for him.

On one hand, Karen was the first personal loss Tyreese experienced in the zombie apocalypse, on the other hand, the last personal loss Carol experienced was at Rick's hands back when he shot Sophia.

On one hand, Rick could relate to Tyreese's feelings for Karen because of the death of his wife, on the other hand, Rick can relate to Carol's decision because it was the exact same call he made with Shane and Randall.

Will Rick give up on Carol and hand her over to Tyreese? Or will he give up on Tyreese and protect her at all costs? Will he tell the truth or will he keep it a secret? Will Rick exact justice as he sees fit or will he wait until the outbreak sorts this out for him?


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