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A The Walking Dead Community
Sunday 9:00 PM on AMC
We all know the type: they either wake up from a coma, walk away from their problems, try to reunite with their families or overcome their loss. In a zombie apocalypse, loners come in all shapes and forms.

Ever since the prison was breached, the whole cast have become loners; loners trying to reunite with their girls, like Carol; loners trying to reunite with their loved ones, like Glenn and Maggie; loners trying to overcome the loss of their families, like Carl and Michonne.

Long past the time Sheriff Grimes was the only loner of the show I figure it was time for a poll, so here's to those optimistic (Bob), grim (Daryl), hopeful (Rick) or in love (Maggie), here's to the casted out (Carol), orphaned (Beth) or damaged (Michonne) ones. Here's to your favorite loner from The Walking Dead!


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