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You'll have until February to contemplate the real meaning behind the bloody baby car seat (maybe Judith was eating a raspberry popsicle?) from The Walking Dead's mid-season finale. At the end of last night's Talking Dead, host Chris Hardwick revealed that Season 4 would return for its final eight episodes on February 9, 2014, one week after Puxatawny Phil tells us whether or not winter is (still) coming. I'm doing some quick math in my head *beep boop beep boop* and that means that the Season 4 finale should air on March 30. One thing to keep an eye on is when Game of Thrones returns. Will the finale of television's biggest series encourage HBO to delay its own superstar genre show from its usual late-March-early-April date, or will The Walking Dead's finale and Game of Thrones' premiere once again air at exactly the same time, just like last year?

Talking Dead also showed off a Season 4B clip of Carl coaxing a few zombies out of a house, which I believe is straight out of the comics, but didn't really give us a whole lot. So why not watch this promo for Episode 9 instead? 

It looks like it's every man for himself, as the group is splintered following the devastation at the prison. And it also looks like Rick is awfully tired! (Also straight out of the comics.)

If The Walking Dead season finale and Game of Thrones' Season 4 premiere are on the same night, which one are YOU watching first?

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