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No matter what you think of The Walking Dead, you have to admit that the show routinely puts out pretty fantastic trailers. As has become a bit of a tradition, The Walking Dead used its annual Comic-Con panel to unleash the first good look at the upcoming season at announce a premiere date. Let's start with the latter before we get to the dirty, sweaty footage full of zombies getting stabbed in the skull. 

The Walking Dead Season 5 will premiere Sunday, October 12 at 9pm on AMC (to be followed by the season premieres of Talking Dead and Comic Book Men), and everyone and their grandma will watch it. Then a lot of people (maybe including me!) will complain about how it's slow and boring and how Rick needs to just be the leader and stop pussyfooting around. That's a tradition, too. 

Or maybe not? The new promo is incredibly satisfying, thanks in part to a new attitude toward ammunition conservation. It looks like things will be pretty stabby and shooty in Season 5! Take a look:

It looks like Rick and the gang will make a break for it from the train car but end up on the menu for the next Terminus buffet... and then they'll save their skins by telling the cannibals about the possibility of a cure. So then everybody will head to Washington, D.C. together? 

Also, at some point they'll have fun with a firetruck's water cannon. And Michonne is now Darth Maul with her katanas. And my dear, precious Beth is still on her own. And Rick is kind of a badass. Okay fine, I'll watch.

Are you ready for another up-and-down season of The Walking Dead!? Or do you think Season 5 will be different?

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