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Dec 06, 2016
A third series?
I love both "The Walking Dead" and "Fear the Walking Dead". The original is now in season 7, but luckily it shows none, or very few, signs of fading.
But I do hope the series is not dragged to long, and they quit when on top.
We've seen very little of the official view on the events. What about a third series? With the view from the government, military or police?
Maybe following a small group of special ops soldiers who either was in the middle of an operation when all hell broke loose, or was sent to investigate when the military knew something was off. The name could be " Kill the Walking Dead".
After a each series got a few more seasons, all three series could be merged together for a final kick-ass season, "Kill the Fear of The Walking Dead". As far as I know that has ...
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Apr 06, 2016
The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale's 15 Minutes of Infamy: Misery Loves Company, So Let's Discuss
After the season 6 finale of The Walking Dead we all had feelings. For a lot, if not most, of us that feeling was anger and/or resentment for the show runners for their seemingly inexplicable "reason" to refrain from revealing who was at the business end of Lucile.

What makes me more angry than the "cut to black, roll credits, play theme song, eff you" ending is that we have been building up to those final 15 minutes ever since it was announced that Negan would be appearing in Season 6 (which was before the season began if I recall correctly). I was one of the people exclaiming "Yeah, but it will probably be in the last few minutes of the season finale because that's TWD for you." I was right, but those last 15 minutes could have been so much more. Had the screen not cut to ...Read more
May 05, 2015
Gabriel actor busted in Ga for DUI and weed

Seth Gilliam busted for driving 107 mph in a 55, DUI and weed.
I guess he's as miserable a representative on what a person should be in real life, as he is on the show.
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Apr 04, 2015
The Walking Dead Most Memorable Moments of Season 5
It feels like the end of an era: Morgan finally found Rick, the group is nomadic no more, Eugene found his courage even if he could never find a cure. There are so many memorable moments in the season finale it's easy to omit the most memorable ovearall, so I thought we could start a discussion about what might be the most memorable moments of season 5.

1) A Most Epic Reunion
Perhaps all the more emotional now that Tyreese is gone or Rick & Carol spent quality time plotting a cup, but there was a time when these characters were not only separated, but believed to be dead. And it's hearthwarming to look back to the moment Sasha got to hug her brother one last time, Daryl ran to embrace Carol or Rick & Carl got to see Judith was still alive.

2) Tainted Meat
Scary as hell, Garreth ...
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Mar 29, 2015
In Memoriam: The Walking Dead
"This isn't the end"
- Chad Coleman as Tyreese

There was such a poetry in the filming of Tyreese's death. It's easy to forget who he was before Karen - most of his personality seemed to be tied to the tragedy of her death - and how he managed to put his life back together, over and over, as he lost the prison, Lizzie & Mika, the home he shared with Carol & Judith and, ultimately, his own life.

What's really amazing about Tyreese is that he never quit, no matter how vicious and foraign that world had got to be. He was broken, but not defeated. Tyreese died fighting, against those that tried to kill him (walkers), those that tried to put the blame on him (Martin), those that called him weak (the Governor).

Tyreese knew who he was and he owned his actions. He had the ability ...
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Mar 13, 2015
Which Female Character Makes More Sense For Rick on The Walking Dead? (Poll)
After he became a widower, Rick never had more than the pieces of a relationship with the women of the group. He has Maggie's support, Sasha's complicity, Michonne's partnership, Tara's loyalty, comprehension with Rosita and a rare form of intimacy with Carol, but he has never had the whole thing with the same person which is something only Jessie has to offer.

Only problem with Jessie is that she is offering it. She's not attracted to her husband anymore, that much is obvious. And she's confident to come on to Rick, perhaps too strong, that much is obvious too. She's the healthy reminder that Rick is still a man, that he could be smitten with something other than dread, that he is still alive.

As nice as it may be for him, the situation in which it's rooted is more detrimental than ...
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Mar 02, 2015
Vote For The Best Alexandria Makeover On The Walking Dead

Beards were murdered, shirts were ironed and Michonne brushed her teeth for 20 minutes! I had completely forgotten how Rick & Carol used to look like until they tried on Alexandria's new wardrobe, so I decided to start a poll on which was best Alexandria makeover.


Dec 07, 2014
Confidence Issues
Some spoilers:

So... During these 14 days, I have spent 10 in the cold forests of Finland. Pretending to shoot at Russian invaders as a part of my mandatory conscription (I'm terrified of a potential war... I mean, I don't follow politics and I'm sure the media is blowing stuff out of proportions but I'd rather not die or live as an amputee). Last night I came home with a warm feeling. No more forest for me. It's nearly over. I'll get to come home full time pretty soon! I wanted to go into a fetal position and watch the newest episode of The Walking Dead (plus other shows) with the knowledge of Beth's death (which the Facebook fanpage of TWD had spoiled already... Because appearently The Walking Dead airs the same time everywhere in the world and everyone always watches it immediately ...Read more
Dec 06, 2014
Would You Like to See Some Actors Back in The Walking Dead? Here's Your Chance to Get Heard!

Would you like to see Beth back in The Walking Dead?
Killing Beth made no sense, and I believe she would have made the next half season better.
If you do, sign up in the link to bring our dear Beth back. It´s time our voices make a difference.

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