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Apr 10, 2014
The Walking Dead: The Strongest/Weakest at the end of Season 4
So by the end of season 4 with the scarlet letter "A", who do you think is the strongest or weakest among the survivors? When I say strongest, I am talking about survival ability and not who will actually survive. We all have seen that being the best at surviving might not stop the writers from sending a zombie to chew you up. Here is my list:

1. Carol- Can't believe I gave her to top spot. Two seasons ago, I had her written off but dang has she got a grasp on the world like no other. What put her over the top is that she was alone in the wilds longer than anyone else and seemed to have done just fine. She knows how to make the hard choices. I don't think Rick, Daryl, Michonne or even Carl could put Lizzie down the way it ...Read more
straight to serial killer
Apr 01, 2014
News Briefs: NBC Orders a David Duchovny Drama About Charles Manson
Plus: Amazon orders a second term of Alpha House, The Walking Dead is still a hit, and AHS welcomes Vic Mackey.
the season spent walking to terminus
Mar 31, 2014
The Walking Dead Season 4 Finale Review: Come and Get It (Next Season)
"A" was an okay middle-of-the-season installment but a pretty crummy season-ender.
farewell, captain
Mar 25, 2014
News Briefs: Captain Brass Is Leaving CSI After 14 Seasons
Plus: ABC Family pulls the plug on Alice in Arabia, The Good Wife's creators explain themselves, and The Walking Dead beer with... brains?
shuffle, shuffle
Mar 24, 2014
The Walking Dead "Us" Review: Terminus or Bust (Mostly Bust)
Season 4's penultimate episode moved us another step closer to the show's current goal, but the journey hasn't been all that exciting.
of rats and little girls
Mar 17, 2014
The Walking Dead "The Grove" Review: Won't Someone Think of the Children?
OMG what the heck, The Walking Dead!?!? Things got really, really dark in this excellent episode.
hello my name is bob
Mar 10, 2014
The Walking Dead "Alone" Review: Live Together, Die Alone
If you're waiting for something big to happen, you might want to take a nap until next October.
Mar 04, 2014
Beth & Daryl: Party of Two
"You're going to be the last man standing, you are. And you're gonna miss me so bad when I'm gone Daryl Dixon"

Daryl and Beth take over from Rick & Michonne trying to depict the world through very different perspectives: the survivor that just knows its a matter of time before he sees everyone he has ever known die on him, and the dead girl walking, all the more clever perhaps because the character should be dead already (both on the show as well as the source material).

Unlike Michonne, Beth doesn't wield a katana. Unlike Rick, Daryl doesn't even have a son. Unlike Zack, Beth's optimistic view is upseting Daryl. Unlike Maggie, Daryl's brand of tough love is particularly hard on Beth. Going through a country club filled with corpses of people that couldn't let go of their stuff, Daryl and Beth ...Read more
team optimism
Mar 03, 2014
The Walking Dead "Still" Review: Beer Run!
Move aside, Daryl Dixon; there's a new resident badass on this show, and she's an adorable little blonde girl.
20 questions with Michonne
Feb 24, 2014
The Walking Dead "Claimed" Review: Characters Welcome
Scares, cares, and wheres (are we going?) were all over Season 4B's best episode yet.
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