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Dec 28, 2015
Game of Thrones Tops the List of Most Pirated Shows in 2015
What else made the list of shows that dirty, rotten scoundrels illegally pirated and cost the industry dozens of dollars?
we riot!
Dec 07, 2015
The Walking Dead's Daryl Was Bitten... By a Fan
One fan of Norman Reedus just couldn't help herself... OR MAYBE SHE'S A ZOMBIE!
what did you think?
Dec 05, 2015
The Walking Dead: Weighing the Good and the Bad of Season 6A
Let's review the key components of Season 6.
Dec 01, 2015
The Walking Dead - "Start to Finish" Mid-season Finale - Review/Analysis
We’re there already? Well it’s time for a break as we reach The Walking Dead season 6 mid-season break. It’s a bit of an odd one and it’s been noted that it doesn’t quite make it as a mid-season finale. If you don’t think of it that way, however, it’s a different matter and on the DVD or reruns it’ll be a pretty good general episode. It’s a basic cliffhanger of four story lines, two of which converge. The circumstances mean the majority of the Alexandrians are in hiding, which allows the writers a bit of breathing space to concentrate on these stories. Oh, and there’s a whole lot of crazy going on in this episode. I’m going to give the briefest of plot outlines before analysing the main characters involved from “Start to Finish”!


This is ...
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walls come tumblin' down
Nov 30, 2015
The Walking Dead Midseason Finale Review: Good Riddance, Alexandria
"Start to Finish" pretty much sucked.
Nov 26, 2015
The Walking Dead - "Heads Up" - Review/Analysis
I’m late with this analysis as I’ve been down in Devon for a couple of days (Where else could you drive through a gorgeous village awesomely called Newton Poppleford!) but I’m back now and posting! Episode 7 of ‘The Walking Dead’ answers some questions that have been bugging everyone (Me included recently). There appears to be some tension between the characters this week and it all seems to be building up nicely to next week’s mid-season finale when the zombies take a well-earned break and do the zombie Christmas shopping – they need plenty of time as it usually costs an arm and a leg. OK, I’ll cut out the bad zombie jokes, and simply say “Heads Up”!


This is an analysis so it contains some points that could spoil the story. If you haven’t seen the show yet and/or don’t ...
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moving on
Nov 23, 2015
The Walking Dead "Heads Up" Review: Survival At All Costs
Did we get the answers we wanted? Ehhh...
Nov 17, 2015
The Walking Dead - "Always Accountable" - Review/Analysis
I'm back after a weekend visiting a friend and trying to figure out the first 4 episodes of Sense8 after we thought we'd give it a go on Netflix and became intrigued! Hopefully it hasn't frazzled my brain too much and thisWalking Dead analysis makes sense!

Episode 6 of The Walking Dead is another group-centric episode. This time looking at what has become of the Daryl, Sasha and Abraham, our ‘Pied Piper’ group leading the walker herd away from Alexandria. It also looks like next week everyone will be heading back together, after their respective adventures, for the last two episodes before mid-season break. About time too, as we now have some more information on that group of not so friendly guys, the Wolves and I'm guessing they will make a much bigger impact in a couple of weeks. So without further ado let’s take ...
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Nov 17, 2015
Do TV Ratings Determine A Show's Success, Or Is It The Reviews?
In 2015, the word "peak TV" has been brought up more and more by network executives, critics, and hardcore binge-watchers alike. It refers to the apex of scripted programming on TV, which in no small part was driven by original shows offered on streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Instant Video, and the subsequent response of traditional cable outlets. According to FX Networks President John Landgraf, there were over 370 scripted series on television last year, and this year should see more than 400. With so much to watch, it has become more difficult than ever to define what makes a show successful, be it TV ratings, critic reviews, or something else.

As Willa Paskin, Slate's TV critic, points out, NBC canceled The Single Guy after two seasons in 1995 despite an audience of 20 million, whereas today the network's Blindspot is considered a hit with ...
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